Highlights of ‘Being Amber’


Prepare to cry! MTV cameras got a hold of Amber the moment she stepped out of prison and it was an emotional reunion with her family. Amber’s mother and brother picked her up and immediately took her out to eat non prison food. Her father was there waiting to surprise her at the restaurant While there she shamelessly orders a huge cheeseburger and chocolate shake and enjoys every second of it!

Gary brings Leah to Amber’s grandparents house so she can be reunited with her mother. Leah and her mom snuggle and chat with the grandparents and it’s a very pleasant reunion. Well until Leah tells Amber about Gary’s new girlfriend.. then it gets a little awkward. While she was still in prison Gary was talking to Amber about them getting back together, so it’s hard to imagine another woman being in Gary and Leah’s lives.

While spending time with her daughter Amber starts to realize just how much Leah has grown and how much she has missed. It hurts her to hear Leah question whether or not her mom is going to be with her when she wakes up and asks her if she’s going to be in jail. It’s hard for her to deal with how much has changed and the damage that was done to her relationship with Leah. She even says that she regrets filming right away and that she should have given herself more time.

Leah’s birthday is coming up so Gary and Amber talk about doing a birthday party for her together. They both are okay with doing the party together but Amber does not want to be around Gary’s new girlfriend because of how much Gary lead her on while she was in prison. She knows now though that things are never going to work out with Gary.

Amber talks about how much harder it is to stay sober being free than it is in prison but she’s fighting the urge by focusing on her family. She and her cousin Krystal head out to do some shopping for Leah’s birthday which is a rare trip outside of the house. Amber finally decides that she wants to do a separate birthday party for Leah with just her family which turns out great and everyone had a lot of fun. Then at Gary’s party for Leah she calls his girlfriend Kristina “mommy” and says she wants to call her mommy too. Gary quickly says that he doesn’t want Leah to call his girlfriend mommy. Thankfully Amber wasn’t around to see that happen because it probably would have been devastating for her.

At the end of the show Gary and Leah meet up to talk about their daughter and come to an understanding about their relationship. Gary’s girlfriend was nervous to leave him and Amber alone together which is understandable considering how much Gary lead her on while she was in prison. Watching this conversation is painful because Gary has a habit of saying the worst possible things to Amber that make her angry. He really just does not know how to not push her buttons. Thankfully Amber controlled her building anger and the conversation ended peacefully. After seeing this special I have such faith that Amber will do well in her new life.

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  1. When will these shows air o MTV Canada? It isn’t airing Feb 23 o either time slots’ have followed these girls since their 16 & pregnant debut’s so unfair not to be airing in Canada! I want to watch these follow up shows PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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