Highlights of ‘Being Catelynn’

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn and Tyler may have placed their daughter for adoption but they are parenting before they are ready right now anyway. Catelynn’s younger sister lives with them and they have taken on being her guardian.

Tyler decided he wasn’t ready to marry Catelynn and called off their wedding. Catelynn has been in therapy and trying to work on herself and her own happiness, which is what Tyler wanted to her to do. Meanwhile Tyler hasn’t done much to make their relationship better. He says there are a lot of things he wants to be better before they get married. He says that he knew he didn’t want to get married while they were planning the wedding but he was afraid to hurt Catelynn’s feelings by calling it off.

Even though they don’t know when they are going to get married, Catelynn still wants her wedding dress and needs to pay for it before it’s gone so she goes ahead and gets it. She looks less than thrilled to try the dress on again and a moment that should have been full of happiness ended up being a little depressing.

Catelynn and Tyler make their living by doing speaking engagements about adoption with their adoption counselor Dawn. Cate’s mom April attends one and she gets really emotional watching footage of 16 & Pregnant. Later while out at a bar with friends Catelynn talks about how she’s been feeling sick for a few days and needs to take a pregnancy test.

We also get to see Catelynn and Tyler go Christmas shopping for Carly. They meet with Dawn to talk about some concerns they have with Brandon and Teresa. They want to be able to share photos of Carly on social media. Carly’s parents say they don’t want Carly in the public eye but then they put her on the cover of an adoption magazine and let MTV film her when she was about 3 for the Adoption special. So it’s easy to see why Cate and Ty are confused about why they aren’t allowed to share photos.

Parent update time! Butch is locked up surprise surprise. April is actually doing a lot better, she’s opening an antique store and filed for divorce with Butch. April and Tyler’s mom and step-dad are all supportive and loving towards Catelynn and Ty. April is even there when Cate takes her pregnancy test. She is not pregnant. Which is good because I think it would have terrified Tyler even more. Especially since he decided to take Catelynn’s engagement ring back. He promises Catelynn that he’s going to do what he needs to do to be ready for marriage because he does love her…. and then he gave her the ring back.

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