Highlights of ‘Being Farrah’

Farrah Abraham Being Farrah

I’m writing this little recap first because judging by the comments I see on the All the Teen Moms fan page all the time you guys are the least interested in this special. I have to do it though because despite what everyone says I still find Farrah fascinating. She’s so mysterious and odd and impossible to fully figure out. So I was excited to see her Teen Mom Special ‘Being Farrah’ because it’s cool to see more of her daily life now that she’s been in the media so much.

Farrah starts off by explaining that no matter how crazy people thinks she is, all she wants is a normal life and that everything she has done has been to support her daughter. Financially everything Farrah has done since Teen Mom has paid off, she now is the owner of a beautiful home in Texas where she and Sophia seem to have it all. She also has a guest house that her father lives in. Sophia goes to pre-school and takes a dance class, the teacher of which went to high school with Farrah. And yes they do seem to get along just fine!

Farrah’s mother Debra flies to Texas to visit (wearing a huge leopard print furry coat which I found pretty funny.) She annoys Farrah as usual but Sophia was happy to see her. While her mom is visiting she does a skype interview in which she talks about rumors that she is a porn star. She takes huge offense to people calling her a porn star. While there may be multiple tapes coming out, Farrah did only film once, they just got enough footage for more than one tape out of it. According to her she has no desire to ever film again and she definitely doesn’t want to be called a porn star!

Sophia’s dad is brought up later in the episode so we got a little update on that. Farrah explains to her Teen Mom producer friend that she does still talk to Derek’s father but not his mother. There is a particularly touching moment where Farrah reads an old note that Derek had written her in which he’s talking about how much he loved her.

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