Catelynn & Tyler Feel Bad For Bashing Carly’s Adoptive Parents


In the new MTV special ‘Being Catelynn,’ Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell expressed their feelings about Brandon and Teresa (Carly’s adoptive parents) in a negative way for probably the first time on camera. B&T asked Cate and Tyler to not post photos of Carly on social media because they do not want Carly in the spotlight.

During the special Catelynn and Tyler were saying that it made no sense because B&T had put Carly on the cover of an adoption magazine and also allowed MTV to film Carly for the Adoption Special. People know what she looks like already so they don’t understand the harm in sharing photos of Carly. They were actually pretty pissed about it.

Catelynn made comments about how she was the one who carried Carly and pushed her out. She also said that she gave Teresa something she could have never had… which is probably what caused her to tweet during the show “Tyler & I were going through so many emotions over Carly.. I feel bad for saying some things.. But that’s how I felt. I DO LUV B&T” Tyler also tweeted: “Me and Catelynn were having a rough patch with our adoption plan B & T mean the world to us. Adoption is hard! #BeingCatelynn

Later in the special the two come to their senses and realize that they have it pretty good and they get a lot of contact with Carly that Brandon and Teresa are not required to allow. Adoption is tough and they are all still learning how to handle it. I’m sure their relationship will grow and change over time. For now Cate and Tyler are happy with their open adoption agreement.

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