Major Change Coming to Kailyn & Jo’s Visitation Schedule


In the last episode of Teen Mom 2 we saw Kailyn and Jo struggle to form a visitation schedule for their son Isaac that worked for everyone. Kailyn wanted Isaac to go to preschool and have stability in his schedule where as Jo didn’t see the importance and didn’t want to lose any time with his son. The agreement became that Jo would get 9 overnight visits per month, several days every other week. This would cause Isaac to miss a few days a month of preschool. According to Kailyn that will change when Isaac goes to kindergarten which he shouldn’t miss any time from.

Kailyn tweeted during the episode: “I have never wanted to take Isaac away from Jo. It’s always been about compromise to me whether you see it or not.” When a fan commented that Kailyn would probably give up more time with Isaac when she had her son Lincoln Kailyn quickly defended herself stating “definitely not. Ha I have both my kids and when Isaac starts kindergarten Isaac will go there every other weekend.

Well there you have it! When Isaac hits Kindergarten his visits with his dad will be limited to every other weekend so that Isaac can be home during the week to go to school.

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