Farrah Abraham Given Cease & Desist Letter by Vivid Entertainment


Farrah Abraham recently came out with news that she had been drugged and raped while on tour for Vivid Entertainment to promote her sex tape ‘Back Door Teen Mom.’ While I’m not convinced that this would be something that Vivid would be liable for they are not happy that Farrah put this information out there and have denied the claims to be true. Farrah has also expressed regret for her sex tape on the show ‘Couples Therapy’ and has insinuated that her contract with Vivid forces her to lie about the tape.

In a letter obtained by RadarOnline Vivid is warning Farrah to cease her “defamatory” comments about the tour and the tape. The letter addressed to Farrah states: “We have become aware that you have made unsubstantiated and baseless implications and allegations of wrongdoing against Vivid. In particular, you have publically [sic] stated that you were drugged and raped more than once while on tour for Vivid promoting Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. These statements are defamatory toward Vivid and are strenuously denied in all respects. It is disappointing that you have once again chosen to pursue conduct that frustrates your duty of good faith and fair dealing in our contract concerning your performance as an adult actress for Vivid. Accordingly we hearby put you on notice to cease and desist from any further defamatory actions against vivid as well as all conduct in breach of our contract. Vivid reserves the right to pursue any and all available legal remedies.

Vivid Entertainment may think that making this letter public will prove in some way that Farrah is being dishonest in her claims of wrongdoing but to me it makes them look more guilty of trapping Farrah in a binding contract that forces her to keep her mouth shut. While the world is hating on Farrah for this tape, how it was created and whether or not she is a porn star… Vivid has left her with the inability to defend herself because of this huge contract. If they decide to take legal actions against Farrah it’s possible she could lose everything she has. On ‘Couples Therapy’ she even says that if telling the truth wouldn’t “ruin her life” she would most certainly tell it, but she has a lot to lose.


  1. That’s crap. When you take it in the ass for $1,000,000.00 …. You follow your contract. She’s still proud. Doing promo tours with bikini posters.. I remember when her Twitter account was all about Sophia n food… n she still had some respect n dignity. It hasn’t changed back… She’s nothing but a brainless, emotionless, $$ hungry attention whore. She was advertising on gold-digger sites after that, too. Raped my ass! N she wonders why people don’t like her… Rape isn’t something you use to cover up next-morning regrets. N that $$ Vivid gave her for ‘loving that cock’ bought her a pretty nice life!! N she probably went to them, rather than the other way around. I think she’s pure evil n deserves everything Vivid’s dishing out. It was, after all, a *contract* she signed.

    • Next thing you know… The people casting the molds for her ‘sex toys’ drugged n raped her too!

  2. And she calls herself a mother… She’s the one who signed the contract. She wasn’t forced to do it. She needs to live with these choices she has made and maybe she should “try” to learn from them? I can’t respect her or her family in any way due to the fact that her father egg’s her on and “supports” her. It’s disgusting. She’s just a $$ whore. She’s not happy unless she has all the money she can possibly have… Money isn’t everything. Sophia is. Farrah really and truly needs help.

  3. Aggreed. I think she’s so damn rude. And she’s not even that cute! Lol for real thou she’s disrespectful to everyone she works with ( from what I have seen on mtv & herd from other sites), not only that but she’s just mean to her parents! She bashes on Maci about how she didn’t want to be on the same show as her instead of thinking like a mother and realizing that Maci is looking out for her own family just like Farrah says she’s looking out for hers as to why she’s in the porn industry in the first place. I wonder when her contract is up? So we can hear her ” real ” side to the story & how about her sex toys?! Did that business drug and rape her too?! . . Honestly shame on mtv for airing that and how she treats ppl and still pay her to be on the show . . . There’s plenty of other teen mom’s that would be more appreciative of what their doing. I’ll never get over how she’s so mean to her father “Michael” , who seems to be so genuine. Farrah bashes them for living off of her. . . Bitch u lived off them too. I wouldn’t be buying my parents boobs and whatever else cosmetic surgery else they want, I’d be buying them beautiful homes and furnished too! Js. Anddd umm mtv made u! Learn some manners , there’s a difference between professionalism (when she’s appearing to be nice) and being genuine. When ur genuine, you don’t need to worry about what ur gonna say and how ur acting. The last thing I wanna say is I NEVER EVERRR BASH ON PPL AND THE WAY THE PARENT, but umm I wouldn’t allow my child to act the way she does. Pulling hair pushing and throwing stuff and then laughing?! He’ll no!. Get a strict nanny if u cant say no ( god knows u can afford it!) Just sayingggg!

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