Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Update! Registry Drama

1779905_266377463522188_1402093285_nJenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is currently 23 weeks pregnant with her second child. She recently shared a new photo of her growing baby bump and she looks great. Jenelle is in the middle of planning her upcoming baby shower (which MTV may be attending to film!).

Unfortunately there was some drama when Jenelle made a baby registry for the upcoming event. She tweeted to her 800,000 followers that she made one with Babies R Us which was a big mistake… Everyone had an opinion of what she had on the list and people even started making fake registries of her. Jenelle changed the name multiple times but eventually ended up having to delete the whole thing because she didn’t want fans looking at it. Something similar happened when Kailyn made a registry for her baby shower. Sadly the girls need to be more careful about the information they pump out into the twitter universe. Jenelle is in the public eye and she knows that people judge her and are hard on her so anything that she can keep private she probably should!


  1. the fact that people have nothing better to do than follow and criticize the lives of celebrities is sad in and of itself. People need to GET THEIR OWN LIVES and stop dwelling on peoples whose lives are more interesting then their boring ass lives. ONLY PEOPLE WITH BORING LIVES GOSSIP AND MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Get a life of your own and stop following celebrities ass holes

  2. She made an online registry so her “fans” could buy her stuff…because she has NO FRIENDS to come to a baby shower for her. Because she’s nothing more than a heroin-addicted, pathetic excuse for a “mother”.

    • First I’m sure she has a few REAL FRIENDS. Now this is what I really want to say to all of females. I wish any of you females out there talkin shit about her could have just one of her addictions for just a 24 hour period. That’s all it would take. Until you walk in her shoes how about you worry about yourself. It’s females like you that spend more time causin drama in all of your relationships with friends and boyfriends that you can’t keep your man home and out of your friends bed.

  3. For people say to say NASTY things about her is just wrong didn’t your mommy ever teach you any better if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. When people say things like she’s nothing but a pathetic heroin addict And you point fingers like that it means you must have a lot of skeletons in your closet!!
    I no one things for sure when you say nasty things what goes around comes around you will eventually get yours for trying to create drama.

  4. Oh look, Jenelle’s here! Jenelle,’re not a celebrity. Quit putting yourself out in the public eye and you wouldn’t feel “harassed”. You’re on a reality show, don’t like the attention then stop being an attention whore and raise your own son. You are so selfish. Bringing another child into this world while your other one is being raised by your mother. Way to show America the struggles of a “Teen Mom”! Yeah right, gimme a break!!!

    • Who are you make that judgement of her or anyone! Who do you think you are. Don’t like what she does? That’s fine, why read the article and bad mouth her? What did you accomplish? Who are you really mad at? Seems like you should be worried about yourself not her-celebrities or not

  5. Janelle I know where your coming from we have lived almost the same life minus the celeberaty thing. I am so proud to see you turnbyour life around with a great guy! Congrats babygirl!!

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