1779905_266377463522188_1402093285_nJenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is currently 23 weeks pregnant with her second child. She recently shared a new photo of her growing baby bump and she looks great. Jenelle is in the middle of planning her upcoming baby shower (which MTV may be attending to film!).

Unfortunately there was some drama when Jenelle made a baby registry for the upcoming event. She tweeted to her 800,000 followers that she made one with Babies R Us which was a big mistake… Everyone had an opinion of what she had on the list and people even started making fake registries of her. Jenelle changed the name multiple times but eventually ended up having to delete the whole thing because she didn’t want fans looking at it. Something similar happened when Kailyn made a registry for her baby shower. Sadly the girls need to be more careful about the information they pump out into the twitter universe. Jenelle is in the public eye and she knows that people judge her and are hard on her so anything that she can keep private she probably should!