Amber Portwood & Farrah Abraham Used to be Enemies

Amber and Farrah Teen MomAmber Portwood is now revealing that she and fellow ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham used to hate each other! “We hated each other for a long time… Behind the scenes and at reunions, there were several incidents where things got heated. We both at the time had some huge attitudes,” Amber tells Life&Style.

It’s amazing that this sort of thing went on and the fans really didn’t know anything about it. Very different than the Teen Mom 2 cast who’s drama is always on twitter for the world to see. Thankfully now Amber has moved past any problems she had with Farrah. She goes on to tell the magazine: “I’d love to give Farrah a hug now. I would like to reconnect now that we’ve both grown up.

Farrah responded in an interview with WetPaint stating “I wish Amber all the best… I know that she’s made a lot of progress and for that I’m happy. I’m grateful that she took the time to do that. I have no ill will against anybody, so if they’re doing great, I wish them all the best with their different lives.” It looks like they both are on the same page and ready to be supportive of one another.

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