Couples Therapy Finale Sneak Peek! Farrah Abraham Goes On The Worst Date Ever

Farrah AbrahamI’m crying my best whisper cry because sadly this season of ‘Couples Therapy’ has come to an end! Tonight is the season 4 finale and while that’s sad for me and anyone else who loves this show it’s even more sad for Farrah who goes on probably the worst date ever.

It starts off relatively normal with each other them talking a little bit about themselves. Unfortunately though it becomes more and more painfully obvious that this dude is familiar with Farrah’s involvement with the adult entertainment industry. He brings up being a receptionist for Playboy and giggled like a school boy about it. Apparently it was a fun job for him. Dr. Jenn agrees that he was probably trying to see if Farrah would talk about her sex tape or even maybe her sex toy line. Which is exactly what Farrah didn’t want to happen on  a first date.

Unfortunately for Farrah she is probably going to have to go through a lot of crappy first dates like this until she finds the right guy. Click here to watch a sneak peek of the finale and more specifically Farrah’s awful date scene.

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