Recently I had a very passionate follower contact me. She pointed out something very interesting about Jenelle Evans boyfriend Nathan Griffith who has tried to show off the awards he received from the Marines on twitter. Since I don’t know much about the subject I decided to let her come on as a sort of “guest blogger” for the day and express her feelings on the subject. Little disclaimer: The following are the views and opinions of —— not of and nothing more than speculation based on the information that Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans have posted to twitter.


“Before I start, let me say that I am a veteran and my husband is currently on his 12th year of active duty service. Between us there is over 100 months of deployments and among other awards my husband has a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. I am not saying this to brag, but to show that I know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to things during and after military service. After you read what I have to say, feel free to fact check anything I say, nothing is incorrect.

Nathan has made it known to everyone that he was a Marine, that he was in combat and that he has PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] and a TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] (keep in mind, PTSD is the easiest thing to claim since it can’t be proven). In an attempt to support his claims, Nathan tweeted out a picture of his DD214; this is a form given to EVERYONE upon discharge from the service. This form contains your entire military record: the awards you received, the deployments you went on, the schools you went to, everything. Nathan also tweeted out a picture of his ribbon rack; this is the rack of ribbons service members wear on their dress uniform. Unfortunately for Nathan, some people (me) that saw both of these pictures were able to pick up on the fact that the awards on his rack didn’t match the awards on his DD214. Nathan’s DD214 does not list a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) which means he was never awarded one- but on the ribbons he showed us that he has in his house, there is very clearly a CAR right on the top. Not only is there a CAR right on the top, Nathan was [allegedly] strategic about doing it; he could have just added a CAR and called it a day but that would be pretty noticeable. What he [allegedly] did was take off an award he actually earned, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, and move the Afghanistan Campaign Medal over a spot. Then he took the National Defense Ribbon (this ribbon is awarded to everyone in every service upon graduation from training) and moved it down, and put the CAR where the National Defense Ribbon should be. Seems like a lot of trouble just to add on an award that you didn’t earn. But this way, the ribbon rack actually looks similar to what it should be. It should also be noted that Nathan does not have a Good Conduct Medal (GCM); this is an award that is given automatically to every service member after 4 (or 3, depending on your branch) years of service as long as you don’t get into trouble. In order to have the GCM taken from you, the trouble you get into has to be fairly big-small things don’t affect your GCM eligibility but something big, like a DUI, would do it. [Nathan has multiple DUIs]


I went on my personal account that Jenelle and Nathan didn’t already have blocked and tweeted a picture to her. The picture was a side-by-side-by-side shot of Nathans DD214, the award rack he tweeted out, and a computer generated image of what the award stack SHOULD look like. I asked her to explain it to me. Well Jenelle, you didn’t respond but you did block me. The fact that she blocked me speaks volumes but what irks me more, is the blatant disrespect Nathan shows by doing what he did. I would absolutely love to hear Nathan’s explanation for this.”