Chelsea Houska: I’m Not Obsessed With Adam!

Chelsea Houska Adam

In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Adam tells a friend that Chelsea is devastated over him having a family with someone else and that she still wanted that “fantasy life” with him. Despite Chelsea saying constantly that she wanted that “family” and she’s upset that he gets to have that she can’t figure out why on Earth Adam would think she was upset… “He can’t just make things up and say it like that!” Chelsea says in an MTV aftershow interview. She goes on to say that she hasn’t wanted or tried to get back with Adam in two years… I assume she means the last time they were hooking up with each other back when the Season 4 reunion was taped. Adam was dating Taylor back then and cheated on her with Chelsea. Judging from the way she has reacted to Adam’s new family life on the show she could quite possibly still have feelings for him, nothing shows me that she’s 100% moved on yet. Especially after seeing a few flirty scenes between them this season! Chelsea can’t even talk about this with a straight face either so it’s tough to believe her but she insists she is over Adam and not devastated by him having a family.

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