Not So Shocking Video of Jenelle Evans & Boyfriend Fighting Surfaced Online!

JenelleUseI was not really shocked when a fan tweeted me a video of Jenelle and Nathan having a screaming match. I was a little bit surprised that Jenelle was the one who recorded the whole thing, because she was trying so hard to get everyone to believe that they have the perfect relationship and never fight. (Because that’s totally realistic). According to Radar the video was filmed by Jenelle on her cell phone in the beginning of January. In the clip you can hear Nathan screaming at the top of his lungs for Jenelle to “GET OUT.” She just calmly talks about how all the stuff in the house belongs to her. (Hey wasn’t Nathan just on Teen Mom 2 acting like he paid for stuff? According to Jenelle in this video he only owns 2 couches…) Nathan says a couple of things in his ranting that stand out. One is that Jenelle lies. Well we all knew that but it’s interesting to hear someone flat out say it to her face. Two is that she’s “a b***h” to her son Jace. Well we all kind of knew that too just from watching Teen Mom but again it’s interesting to hear someone say it to her face.

After the video was released Jenelle quickly posted a bunch of photos to her instagram of herself and Nathan being lovey dovey. She then explained that she knew the video was coming out and that the fight was from when they first got together. She claims she sent the video to a friend at the time because she was upset. She is also blaming the whole thing on Courtland. However I have my doubts about Courtland being the one behind it. Yes he may be an addict and willing to sell anything to get some money but… if he had access to this video for so long why is he just now selling it? There is so much more to this story than what we are getting.

Another little note, the video was sold to RadarOnline, so when someone uploaded the video to youtube before Radar could release the story Jenelle’s “PR friend” “Jelly” tweeted out that whoever posted the video to youtube is going to be getting a legal letter from Radar. My question is why would “Jelly” or Jenelle care about that? Unless Jenelle or “Jelly” were in on the deal and profiting from it why would they care if the story got messed up by someone posting the video early? Just something to chew on.

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