‘Teen Mom 2’ Coming to an End?


Everyone has been dying to know whether or not the ladies of ‘Teen Mom 2’ will be returning for a sixth season. We know that the cast has already filmed the reunion show for this (the fifth) season. There have also been reports of the show being done after the fifth season… so what’s up with the continued filming? The girls have continued filming after the reunion show was done so it’s been assumed that there will be a season 6. Not so fast though! As it turns out (Thanks to our favorite reality rounder upper The Ashley) we now know that Season 5 will be the final season, it’s just going to be split up into 2 parts. The current season is 5a and the next one will be 5b. This will make one extra long season but it will feel more like 2 seasons. This means we will see Jenelle’s pregnancy progress, we’ll get to meet Kailyn’s son Lincoln, learn more about Ali’s medical condition and hopefully see Chelsea do something other than talk about Adam.

So to sum up: Season 5 will technically be the last season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ but don’t worry there are plenty of episodes left! I’m not sure if the 2 halves will be back to back or if there will be a break in between. I’ll update when it’s officially announced. I’m sure there will also be a few specials at the end of the series as there were with the original Teen Mom girls. I’m hoping that with the amount of success that Teen Mom 2 has gotten there will be more to see of this particular cast in the future. Only time will tell!


  1. I just love all the teen mom’s I wish they had a show like that when I was younger . I was a teen mom it was not easy at all . I hope you keep the show going to help other teens who think its easy.thank you your big fan stara

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