Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek! Leah Gets Bacon Slapped!

Leah Calvert Bacon Slap Teen Mom 2

In the sneak peek clip of the next episode of Teen Mom 2 Leah is grilling Jeremy about marriage counseling. She suggested they go in order to “strengthen” their marriage and understand each other’s feelings. Jeremy seems to think this makes their marriage look bad so he’s very quiet on the subject. Leah keeps pushing him though by explaining over and over her reasons for wanting to do it. When Jeremy continues slicing tomatoes in the kitchen and ignoring her, Leah finally declares “alright, we wont do it.” They then bicker a bit when Jeremy points out how hard it would be to go to counseling while he works 6 days a week. Leah tells him “Jeremy when you’re home! G** D***, you’re driving me insane!”

That’s when it happens! Jeremy takes a piece of raw bacon and slaps Leah in the face with it! WHAT!? Yes. It is the weirdest thing I’ve seen on Teen Mom and that is saying something. She just asks him why he would do that and he smiles and says “cause it’s funny… to p**s you off.” Yeah… that just happened.


  1. I honestly think that this was very hurtful and embarrassing! He took wedding vows “love,honor and to cherish”; even though Leah may have been nagging , Jeremy definitely didn’t make her feel loved or cherished in that moment 🙁 most immature thing I’ve seen from him.

  2. It was immature, demeaning…definitely shows they need something, be it counseling or something else. it was childish of him and maybe showing another side of him. If he slaps her with bacon…will he slap with his hand next time?

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