Is the original ‘Teen Mom’ Show Returning!??


BIG NEWS PEOPLE! There is talk of the original Teen Mom show returning to MTV. Yes the original cast! According to a new report an insider says that the network has been wanting to bring the series back after the ladies got amazing ratings with their specials. However it looks like Amber, Catelynn and Maci want Farrah fired!

They don’t want their kids on a show where someone’s talking about sex toys,” a source tells US Weekly. Understandable! Honestly I don’t think MTV would have a problem cutting her from the show. Even though I do think she probably brought in good ratings with her special… I think more fans would be upset if she returned to the show than happy about it. Which means I think there is a very good chance that this is legit and the girls could very well be returning! I’ll update when I find out more!


  1. Vary? You do know that spell-check doesn’t actually fix grammar right? You were supposed to use “very”. If you are going to do reporting, any kind, please check your spelling, and your grammar.

    • Wow, how ignorant! Someone thinks they are perfect don’t they. Just pointing this out, when you put “very”. do you not realize that the period goes inside the quotation marks? If you are going to try and correct someone, quite rudely at that, you might want to make sure your doing it correctly also, because you just made yourself look like a HUGE douche 🙂

      • lol thanks for that! We are all human beings who have typos occasionally! I try so hard not to involve myself in comments on these things but sometimes I just can’t help myself!

      • I do believe everyone of you made mistakes on your grammar & punctuation. The person who corrected the the person who put “very”., you had several mistakes. You’re punctuation wasn’t always correct AND you spelled your which should have been you are. WE ARE ALL HUMAN! WE MAKE MISTAKES!!!

  2. I actually am a big fan of Farrah! I don’t know if I’ll be watching if she’s not on it. I’ll only be watching for Farrah and Amber!

    • I’m curious “J” are you a guy? That is the only reason you would be a fan of Farrah’s! The girl is a whore and she knows it!

  3. No problem! Same here. Normally I don’t say anything, but when I saw the mistake they made after calling you out like that, I just had too!

  4. I would rather they continue with Teen Mom 2. Maci is the only original Teen Mom I’d care to follow. Catelyn and Tyler are immature whiners; do you ever listen to the way he just repeats whatever Catelyn says, or anyone else he happens to be having a conversation with? Gary is just plain annoying; sounds like he speaks from a script. Amber is still in her early stages of recovery and doesn’t need the pressure of cameras following her around. She should be concentrating on her sobriety. Farrah is still the nasty, disrespectful young woman she always has been. The update did nothing to endear her to the audience; she’s just older and more fake.

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