Leah Calvert Tells Her Husband to “Man Up”

Leah and Jeremy

In last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah is complaining to her husband yet again about him having to go to work. When he tells her that he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do and doesn’t baby her about it she suggests they go to counseling. (Because Jeremy is just not being understanding enough about her having to be alone in their beautiful house with her beautiful children. She doesn’t even have a job to “escape” to! Poor her!)

Jeremy wisely pointed out that Leah knew exactly what his job was when they got married and that she should have thought about that before saying “I do.” That really got her mad and she then tells him to “man up.” I don’t know how much more he can man up for her. He works a difficult and dangerous job to pay for everything they have including taking care of two children that are not his. There are a lot of women who would LOVE to have a man to take care of them the way Jeremy takes care of Leah. Not only that but Leah also has a ton of support from family and friends. She’s pretty much always got a baby sitter when she needs one so it’s even more ridiculous when she tells him that she is like a single mom.

In the aftershow interview about this particular scene Leah goes on and on about how Jeremy doesn’t show a sensitive side because he thinks it will make him less of a man. Which Jeremy has never even said. The whole time he is looking at her like ‘woman why are you saying these things?’ but he keeps quiet and lets Leah think what she wants about it. She just tells him he needs to work on expressing his feelings.

Personally I think he expressed them pretty well when he slapped her in the face with bacon… (Just kidding, that was totally mean but I think I get why he is like that now!)


  1. Boo hoo! I have 4 kids and have been a single mom for a very very long time! Try some appreciation or YOU can man up and try it on your own indefinitely! No one will put up for that attitude forever.

  2. Leah has always been a favorite of mine, so I am very disappointed with the attitude she’s got this season. I’m almost hoping that it’s just for the cameras. The first time I heard her complaining to Jeremy about his job I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He had this job before he and Leah even met. He’s one of the very few guys in the whole Sixteen and Pregnant/Teen Mom series that even holds down a job…and he’s got a very good one at that. Leah should be both appreciative and thankful that both of her childrens’ fathers have been not only good providers, but great dads. Jeremy treats the twins as if they were his own and seems to have given Leah carte blanche in picking out a new home in order to meet Allie’s needs. I’ve never once heard him respond negatively toward the move, or the monetary aspect. Is this Leah’s true personality and the show had been edited to portray her as a sweet kid in the past seasons, or has she been told to cop an attitude this season to make for better tv? I hope it is the latter. I would hate to see her sabotage her marriage to such a great guy because of her selfish, self-serving attitude.

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