Amber Portwood Does Not Want Farrah Abraham Fired!


Recently it was reported that the original ‘Teen Mom’ is returning to MTV! It was also said that the other girls of the show wanted Farrah Abraham fired or they wouldn’t do it. I can totally see that being true for Catelynn who has openly hated on Farrah in the past.. and possibly Maci because it does seem kind of awkward to have kids on the show with Farrah talking about sex toys and pornos all the time. Amber Portwood however reportedly does not want Farrah fired and is still on good terms with her.

People are saying Amber refused to be on the show if Farrah was brought back and that’s not true,” a source told E! News. “She contacted Farrah just the other day and sending her love.” So there you have it, Amber and Farrah are still rooting for each other and it looks like the original Teen Moms are returning! I for one can’t wait to see what happens!


  1. If this show comes back I will be super excited. I love all the moms EVEN Farrah. No one is perfect. There is no such thing. There is no rule book on how to be a mother either. We kind of make those up as we go. In my opinion all these teen moms even on Teen Mom 2 do a wonderful job. Bring back this show. I am 32 and I use this as a teaching tool with my own kids.

  2. I’m fine with Farrah. To each is their own I suppose. Farrah just needs to not deny the fact that she did do a porno with James Dean. Girl even if it’s your personal video……. It’s still a porno. Good Luck Teen Moms. Can’t wait till you ladies return……

  3. While I agree Farrah is very inappropriate and just ,for lack of a better word, ratchett, I do think it would be awesome to see the sweet child Sophia has become. That show doesn’t just revolve around the idiocracy of Farrah. I personally wanna see every child and how far they have all come.

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