Here we go again people! Michael Abraham is now writing a book about his experiences being a father to the infamous Farrah Abraham. The book will include things about Farrah’s childhood, things not seen on TV and a few scandals can be expected as well.

It will address things you didn’t see on TV and things nobody has ever heard of.,” Michael tells Celebuzz. “It’s about our struggles and our blessings. It will address some of our hardships, being on a reality TV show and the real hard facts from the last year.” (Aka: the porno incident!) According to Michael, he didn’t negotiate Farrah’s sex tape deal like everyone is saying.

Oh and lets not forget about Farrah’s abuse claims! Will those be featured in the book? “I think I disciplined my daughter once and Farrah and I talked about it after filming… I don’t think Farrah would let me care for Sophia as I’ve done if I had done anything out of line. I love my daughter.” He’s basically saying that she lied about all of that. Yikes.

Will you be reading Michael Abraham’s tell all book?