Maci Bookout Starts a Blog!


I love it when the Teen Moms blog, it’s so awesome to hear things about their lives straight from them exactly the way they want to present it. (That is as long as they are honest and real and not gossiping about their fellow TM stars…) So I’m really happy that original ‘Teen Mom’ fan favorite Maci Bookout has started writing in a blog on her website. Her first entry is up and it’s a very good read especially for moms of young kids.

In “Kids Ask the Darndest Things” Mac talks about her struggles to answer some of the deeper questions her son asks her out of no where. How do you answer the difficult questions in a way your five year old will understand? Check out her post to see what she’s saying about the topic and just in case you aren’t already.. you can follow her on twitter here.


  1. When she says…oo you should always answer your kids questions….WHATEVER! We were All kids at one point, i for one dont Ever remember that! Hell most people dont remember when they were 5 and under! Shes dumb…go drink another maci! Will Never read that blog again!

  2. I think she is only one sided when it comes to Bentley she tries to exclude his dad and that is not right when she asks for his moms support for everything…not cool..BOOM

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