Jenelle Evans Gets Another Pet:

Jenelle Evans Cat Skyye

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ made another wise decision and got another pet. I’m not going to lie to you guys… I don’t really keep up with all of Jenelle’s drama. There is just too much of it, can you blame me? SO I can’t remember how many pets she has had over the past few years but I do know it’s been too many. At least 2 pit bulls (what ever happened to them again?) she’s had a bearded dragon, other dogs that who knows what happened to, and in the last episodes of TM 2 she had huskies in a crate. You get the picture. Anyway she got a new kitten recently and she named it Skyye… I’m guessing it’s pronounced “Sky?”

Jenelle Evans Cat

Jenelle seems to be one busy bee! On top of being pregnant, having pets already, allegedly working online, going to school, spending more time with Jace, and hanging out with her boyfriend 24/7 now she has a kitten to look after. Can I also point out that pets are not cheap? Anyone else see Jenelle over spending now that her MTV money is back? Why do we not see her posting much about buying baby stuff? I know she’s going to have a shower where she is hoping to get everything she needs for the new baby but… you would think we would see her saving that money for her unborn baby boy. According to another report this type of cat most likely put Jenelle back at least $500, not to mention the many toys she bought it, along with necessary supplies like food, litter box, etc. Add to that the cost of vet bills.

Taking on a pet like this is a big responsibility and Jenelle doesn’t need to add to her list of responsibilities. It makes me VERY sad to see people get pets just to end up losing them and/or giving them away etc. Pets are supposed to be lifelong friends, not disposable accessories. Do you think that Jenelle is ready to have more pets along with a new baby and more visitation with Jace? It’s so much more than we are used to seeing Jenelle be responsible for! PS: Watch a cute video of Skyye playing with his new toys!

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