Chelsea Houska on Disciplining Aubree


In the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska’s daughter had a major meltdown when being picked up from daycare. She wanted her friend to come over but Chelsea already had plans to meet up with a friend for ice cream. Aubree was not having any of that. She screamed and ran and threw a huge fit. Chelsea struggled to get her into the car and even then Aubree wouldn’t let up. She unbuckled herself and climbed all over the car screaming and crying. Chelsea called her father for help but clearly there wasn’t much he could do over the phone.

Chelsea got a lot of criticism from fans for not properly dealing with Aubree’s tantrum and then rewarding her with ice cream afterwards. I’m sure she was obligated to go to the ice cream shop for filming with her friend because the conversation topic for that night was Adam and the visitation plans. Chels took to her twitter to further explain the incident: “No matter how I handled Aubree’s temper tantrum. People would’ve still complained. She is 4 and anyone with kids knows that happens. Plus when the cameras are around I am hesitant to discipline as much knowing that when it airs, people will voice there opinions.” She’s right about that, in cases where the other cast members have disciplined their children (no matter what techniques they used) people still complained because everyone parents differently. It will always be a debate among parents, there is no getting around it. Chelsea really seems to be one of the best parents on the show. She lives her life for that little girl and I’m sure she is doing her very best to raise her right!


  1. Good for her! I think people tend to forget how hard it is being a single parent. It’s not like she didn’t already have plans to go and get ice cream. Anyone who is a parent learns as they go, no one is perfect and the only difference is the cameras are on her. Any person judging I’m sure if the cameras were on you, you’d get criticism about your parenting no matter what you did.

  2. I think Chelsea is one of the best moms on the show and I think she dealt it the best way she could!! <3

  3. I didn’t get a chance to see the episode yet, but why couldn’t Chelsea have brought Aubree’s friend along for ice cream? It seems like a better solution for everyone, and Chelsea’s likely already had experience taking Aubree and a friend out somewhere before.

    • Because it’s not about what Aubree wants it’s what Chelsea said. She said no and Aubree should’ve just complied, she was right to not give in to her 4 year old.

  4. Just have a question , Did Chelseas dad spank her as a child when she was being bad? Some children respond to verbal commands, and some respond to a spat on the buttocks. If talking does not work, then move on to the other. Oh and quit calling your daddy, and making him the bad guy!!!

    • That little brat needs a good spanking!!! If my child acted the way chelsea lets aubree act he would have permant hanf markd on his ass! She lets that child do whatever she wants! Aubree bit issaic at the reuion for christs sake and of course chelsea just let it happen!! That child is gonna end up a spoiled brat just like chelsea!!!! .

  5. That child needs a sound spanking, she is spoiled and knows she runs the show. Giving her ice cream after a temper tantrum only encourages her to act out!

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