In the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska’s daughter had a major meltdown when being picked up from daycare. She wanted her friend to come over but Chelsea already had plans to meet up with a friend for ice cream. Aubree was not having any of that. She screamed and ran and threw a huge fit. Chelsea struggled to get her into the car and even then Aubree wouldn’t let up. She unbuckled herself and climbed all over the car screaming and crying. Chelsea called her father for help but clearly there wasn’t much he could do over the phone.

Chelsea got a lot of criticism from fans for not properly dealing with Aubree’s tantrum and then rewarding her with ice cream afterwards. I’m sure she was obligated to go to the ice cream shop for filming with her friend because the conversation topic for that night was Adam and the visitation plans. Chels took to her twitter to further explain the incident: “No matter how I handled Aubree’s temper tantrum. People would’ve still complained. She is 4 and anyone with kids knows that happens. Plus when the cameras are around I am hesitant to discipline as much knowing that when it airs, people will voice there opinions.” She’s right about that, in cases where the other cast members have disciplined their children (no matter what techniques they used) people still complained because everyone parents differently. It will always be a debate among parents, there is no getting around it. Chelsea really seems to be one of the best parents on the show. She lives her life for that little girl and I’m sure she is doing her very best to raise her right!