Ryan Edwards & Girlfriend Shelby Having a Baby!?

Ryan Edwards Pregnant

Rumors have been running wild lately about Ryan Edwards possibly knocking up his current girlfriend Shelby Woods. All based on a single tweet that was barely legible. “Well shit Shelby jus my found out me was pregnant” Clearly it was a joke and that’s exactly how I took it when I saw it. I knew however it was going to be blown out of proportion and posted on every Teen Mom news site out there! I decided to wait as to not look like an idiot in assuming that he was being serious. For the record, no… Shelby is not pregnant. She tweeted in response a while later: “For those of you who believe [Ryan’s] tweet about me being pregnant, don’t…. it’s a joke, like haha funny.” This isn’t the first time that Ryan has tweeted something crazy to get fans all wound up. Remember when he professed his love for Maci and proposed to her via tweet? Yeah. That happened.

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