Special 90 Minute ‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale to Air Before MTV Movie Awards!

Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen because the scheduling for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale and following specials will be different this time! If you want to watch the special 90 minutes Season finale make sure you tune in to MTV on SUNDAY April 13th at 7pm, before the MTV Movie Awards! Don’t worry if you miss it, there will be a 60 minute version airing on Tuesday April 15th at 9pm. Followed by Part One of the reunion special at 11pm. The Unseen Moments Special will air on Wednesday April 16th at 10pm and Part Two of the Reunion will air on Tuesday April 22nd at 11pm.

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Sunday April 13th: 7:00 PM 90 Minute Season Finale
Tuesday April 15th: 9:00 PM 60 Minute Season Finale
Tuesday April 15th: 11:00 PM Part One Reunion Special
Wednesday April 16th: 10:00 PM Unseen Moments
Tuesday April 22nd: 11:00 PM Part Two Reunion Special


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