Nathan Griffith Behind Bars Again!

nathan-mug-shotJenelle Evans new baby daddy Nathan Griffith was taken into custody today following a court hearing about the charges he received during his DUI arrest in September of last year. It’s been reported that while his driving under the influence charge is still pending today he plead guilty for driving under a suspended license, resisting Arrest and driving on wrong side of road. He was sentenced to 30 days behind bars. I have heard talks of his sentence being longer but that’s all I’ve been able to gather so far. It looks like it’s possible that he will serve more time for the DUI but we will have to see.

Jenelle hasn’t said much about the situation, she tweeted one photo of herself and Nathan with the caption “I miss your touch already.” She and Nathan enjoyed a lovely time out last night seeing Miley Cyrus in concert together. One last hurrah before Nathan’s court date the following morning. Jenelle gives birth to Nathan’s son Kaiser in June. Hopefully he is there to see it?

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