Photos! Maci Bookout Explains the Meaning Behind Her Tattoos!

2c0f39ac-a07a-42b2-a7a9-51d2d0fae5e4‘Teen Mom’ star Maci Bookout is finally revealing the meaning behind all of her tattoos!

In her new blog Maci opened up about her tats, explaining the reason she got them and her experiences with them. “My tattoos are something that I have always kept very private. Believe it or not. To me, they aren’t ‘things’ that I got just to show them off. My tattoos aren’t objects for me to brag about in hopes of building my ego. Yet, they are small reminders of my story. Lessons that have had a large impact on me and my journey. I think of them as pieces to my puzzle. No matter how big or small, they put me together. I love them, and I don’t give a damn if you love them or not.” Maci wrote.

Most of the tattoos she talks about in her most recent blog entry I already knew about but the one pictured to the left I had no idea existed. She’s got a pencil tattooed onto her forearm which represents her “weapon of choice” when it comes to her writing.

Mac broke down the meaning of her many other tattoos and even reveals that she added a little yellow rubber duck to her back piece to represent her time spent on ‘Teen Mom.’ She writes “Being on MTV was a huge part of my life, this was my way of incorporating that in to my back piece.” To read about all her other tattoos check out her blog here.



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