Jenelle Explains Why Nathan Told Her to Get an Abortion:

Jenelle Evans Abortion

In the sneak peek clip of tonight’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ finale Nathan blows up on Jenelle right after they hear their baby’s heartbeat. In the car Nathan tells Jenelle that their baby would be “better off f***ing dead,” because he and Jenelle had apparently been fighting constantly. In an interview with Wetpaint Jenelle explains, “He was just very angry at the time, and he has a lot of emotional issues from the military and being at war.

Jenelle also says about that particular scene, “Everyone thinks that me and Nathan have such a perfect relationship… we do have problems just like everyone else. I’m just happy that we opened up to each other on camera and we didn’t just put on this front that we are just the perfect couple, because we’re not.

Raise your hand if you think Jenelle and Nathan have a good relationship? … Anybody? I’m not really sure that I’m buyin what she’s sellin… but alright. Watch the special 90 minute season finale tonight (April 13th) at 7pm before the MTV Movie Awards!


  1. This is extra funny since as many know, she’s spent the past year tweeting that they ARE the perfect couple and that they “never fight.” Just one of her billions of lies.

  2. I just don’t understand why Janelle keep saying everyone thinks they have the perfect relationship. I don’t think anyone thinks they have the perfect relationship. I dont see how anyone could think that after seeing them fight on every episode of Teen Mom! I think Janelle is delusional. I don’t think she will ever have a perfect relationship with anyone because of her issues and I believe she needs to start taking her meds for bipolar. On the reunion show when dr. Drew asked Nathan about having a girlfriend that had cameras following her all the time and he said he didn’t even know who she was when he met her. I do not believe that at all! I think Nathan knew who she was from MTV and wanted to get with her and get her pregnant just to be on the show! Plus the way he said it sounded suspicious. He seemed nervous when he said it. I really don’t like this guy at all and I believe he is using her for her money and to be on MTV. Just everything about him seems fake to me. I hope it all works out for the sake of the new baby but I have my doubts for sure. They both already have children they do not take care of and Nathan has like four DUI’s it! He said he never got into any trouble until he got with Janelle but that isn’t true because he had DUI and domestic violence charges wait before he met her!

    • I was using talk to text for this message so some of it is not spelled correctly or has the wrong words, but hopefully everyone can see what it is supposed to say lol 🙂

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