Leah Claims Corey Cheated on His Wife

Leah and Corey Teen Mom 2

During the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Unseen Moments Special Leah Calvert dropped a major bomb about her ex husband Corey Simms. When Dr. Drew asked if there were any secrets that were not shown on the show Leah started spilling her guts about her ex. “A lot of people don’t know that a week before he got married, he kept texting me and texting me, and he’s like ‘I miss my family.’ He told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda. When him and Miranda first got together he was out cheating on her.

I’m not completely sure why she would chose to share something like that about her ex husband’s relationship instead of something about her own marriage. What makes it even more shocking is the fact that Corey, Miranda, Leah and Jeremy seem to have a great co-parenting relationship. They all usually come together for the sake of the girls. So what made Leah drop a bomb like that? Does she still have feelings for Corey and wants the world to know that he has feelings for her too?

Miranda tweeted the night of the special stating “Don’t believe everything you hear.” She followed that tweet up the following day with “Love this life God has created for me. So excited about the future that he has planned for me & my Husband and our family! #Loved #Blessed #Thankful” Clearly she and Corey are doing just fine these days and are happy together and it’s probably safe to say that Miranda is not too happy about Leah’s confession about her husband. She also recently tweeted, “Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger.


    • I agree wit u, she needs to worry bout her own marriage! I think she is jealous of Corey wife. She looks way better than Leah

  1. Leah wants Corey back it seems like cause her and Jeremy are always fighting :/ maybe there is a reason she’s doing this..

  2. She is just jealous! ! Leah try to make everyone feel sorry 4 her… it is so sad that she would act like that.

  3. Just bc she said what she said does not mean that she wants him back. Maybe she was doin it bc she didn’t want to watch his wife get hurt or maybe bc she thought his wife should know. Would you want someone to hide it from you that your husband or maybe cheating on you or had cheated on you?

  4. ^ seriously?!? She said right on the show that Miranda knew. I highly doubt she gives two shits about Miranda’s feelings. If she did, she wouldn’t of sad that on tv without her there to defend herself. Leah is dirty little bitch and is so unhappy with her life, she tries to ruin Corey’s life. She needs to grow up

  5. Um i do beleive she said what she said because cory always. Making her never,for what shes done in,the past…and here hes doing the same. Hmm enough trash talk people get a life.

  6. If you watched the special she said she was sick of everyone seeing Corey as a perfect. He cheated to!! She is non of the above you people are so quick to trash talk and call names. Maybe Corey did cheat maybe Corey’s not perfect the reason she talked about him and not her is cause she’s like and open book, she pretty much tells all about her life on the show!! So grow up give her some credit!!!!

  7. If you don’t know these two, you really shouldn’t judge. MTV did focus on Leah’s infidelity, but both of them had made mistakes. You can hardly just strike out at Leah without knowing both sides of the story. The show focused on Leah more because of a dramatic storyline….as a result the public has hated a person that has done no worse than the person MTV helped the public make a martyr of. Corey is not innocent, but MTV kept that under wraps or just wasn’t filming at the time he messed up. The people that continue to judge should grow up ad judge their own lives. Usually when you are consumed with thoughts of someone like this it is because you are either bored with your own life and want their life or you have too much crap and enjoy pointing your finger at others to avoid having to look at yourself. GROW UP!!!!!

  8. I am sorry Leah is one of the best mom’s on the show.. She not only has one child but 3 to take care of. And one that has to have help. Some ppl just like to talk crap and put ppl down when they don’t know the whole story. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY it perfect. But I put my hands up to her bc she is a great mother and her babys are well taking care of. I would be stressed out to. Just my thoughts..

  9. Leah has lots of reasons to be the way she is its called stress and anxiety and a disabled child! If any of you had a disabled child you would feel the same way she does! The fact of the matter is Corey probably did cheat because he is not an innocent victim at all. He’s the one acting as if his daughter just has a cold and it will get better when it WONT! He is delusional and not a very good father or husband!

  10. I like Leah yea she can be a bitch but she is a better mom and person than Farrah in my opinion everyone has secrets and some things should not be said but it has and you can’t take it back oh well to bad get over it

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