Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Update! Photo Timeline + Adoption Drama!

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

It’s about time for another Jenelle Evans Pregnancy update! This may very well be the last one I do before she gives birth in June. Jenelle is about 30 weeks pregnant now and her bump is getting larger than life. If you think being 7 months pregnant was going to stop her from seeing Miley Cyrus though… you would be sorely mistaken!

The “bad girl” of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is trying desperately to turn her image around, constantly tweeting about her school work and time she’s spending with her son Jace. Unfortunately though Jenelle has more skeletons than she knows what to do with and they keep popping up everywhere. While she’s getting ready to give birth her “baby daddy” (I hate that term but what else should we call him really?) Nathan Griffith is sitting in jail for charges stemming from his third DUI arrest. He may be getting out before Jenelle gives birth but he still has to go to court for the DUI it’self next month. So we will have to wait and see how that turns out!

Another crazy bit of drama that’s surfaced is that Jenelle and Nathan actually considered adoption during this pregnancy. According to a report by The Real Teen Mom Talk, the couple were shopping around for an agency and asking how much they could be compensated for the adoption… It’s definitely shocking to hear considering how much Jenelle has shown off her baby bump since the very beginning and how much she has talked about using this baby to “prove” everyone wrong about her. Not to say that adoption would be a bad choice, their relationship definitely doesn’t seem stable enough for a child on top of having jace more… but the fact that they were allegedly asking for money in return is just plain sad. Jenelle makes a LOT of money from both MTV and her Teen Mom blog/Sulia. (She can play dumb on twitter all she wants to but trust me… you wish you made as much as she does.) Jenelle just has a bad track record of spending way too much money and screwing herself when it runs out. HOPEFULLY that’s not the case especially now that she’s about to have another baby. I’m hoping she has a little bit of an understanding as to how expensive babies are!

Finally despite Nathan’s old flame coming out with texts and photos that show his cheating ways… and the fact that we saw how violent Nathan can be from watching ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle insists that they are still together and very happy. Comment below and tell me what you think about Jenelle’s pregnancy and her crazy life!  Also check out the timeline below and Jenelle’s baby bump!

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy


  1. I think that she does not deserve more kids, like really she want to see how much she could get out of give her baby up. I think that she dum has hell and people like her should not be able to have baby…. I believe the only reason she want to get pregnant is to keep her baby daddy there… If she would leArn how to keep her legs close instead of letting every man hit she would be better off, I’m very surprised that she does not a STD… But for my opinion on adoption maybe she should give him he would have a better life…. And I don’t think MTV should pay her I think they should pay Barbara for being Jace mom because Jenelle Evans sure don’t know how to be one she suck, she choose drugs and men over Jace any day of the week…..

        • Having a family is a PRIVLEDGE, you do not just “deserve” a family because you want one. If people prove to be irresponsible, they have that privledge taken away. As for the “trying to get better”, I do agree that she is trying, but are you thinking about jenelle or the baby? It looks like you are thinking about jenelle and forget the fact that there is an actual person involved that will have to deal with the consequences, “trying” isn’t good enough

  2. People may not agree with how I feel on it but she has had plenty of chances to change but she has not… So what makes people think she is going to change now… They should tie her tubs after she has this one… She anit nothing but baby killer and druggie and slut and some other things!!!!

    • the way you are talking honestly is dumb, yea shes dumb but when your pregnant your hormones sky rocket and not having the dad builds alot of pressure for some women not all some.. she is just finding love in the wrong places you cant tell me that you dont have skeletons of your own.. if you where a reality star trust those skeletons that you have will surface as well how will you deal with the media.. and twats like you talking shit…….so just stfu no one is perfect at least shes thinking of adoption instead of throwing her bby away

      • Throwing her baby away? Oh, like she did at the beginning of Season 5 when she had an abortion? The only reason she wants to keep this kid is because she thinks she’s happy and settled with Nathan. Quite obviously not if the guy is sitting in jail right now.

        If everything that’s been portrayed on Teen Mom 2 is the truth, then she should give this child up for adoption. Her and Nathan have the most unhealthy, unstable relationship I have ever laid my eyes on. Why bring a child into it and make it worse. The one thing that go me was when she said to Nathan that she thinks the baby will make their relationship better because they’ll be too busy to fight. Babies do not make things better in a rocky relationship! She’s going to be hormonal, and he’s going to be sleep deprived and this poor newborn is going to be stuck between it! That is, if Nathan’s out of jail by that point.

        Hate to speak the truth, but from what Teen Mom 2 has shown, Jenelle does not deserve to be a mother. She’s barely been there for Jace. And before someone says that she was young and stupid… there’s plenty of girls shown on 16 and pregnant that put on their big girl panties and became caring mothers.

        MTV only show’s so much. Maybe they’re only showing Jenelle’s faults and using her as the Teen Mom 2 ‘problem child’ and sell point. I really hope that some of the things I watched wasn’t true. If it is, I feel bad for everyone involved and Jenelle should seriously consider adoption, a rehab facility and staying single until she get’s her own life together.

      • Don’t blame this on hormones … many of us have been pregnant and don’t act like that, i mean come on. Of course its hard not having a dad, but that is NOT an excuse when you are an adult! If she is still struggling with her lack of a father, she should have post poned having a child until she was mentally stable! Im sick of this “oh she is trying” bullshit! This isn’t about jenelle and her “trying”, there is another human being now! Every other time when jenelle fucked up it just effected jenelle (and jace but thank god he has barbara as his caregiver), this time when she fucks up a poor innocent child will be screwed up, so she needs to more than try and she needs to stop with the “woah is me” bullshit on every episode, get over yourself jenelle

    • She actually has changed now and she had ONE abortion with a man she knew was not a suitable stable person and the drugs are her PAST GET OVER IT

      • Oh, so killing her baby is okay BC the dad was on drugs? Oh, so its okay to murder now if you have a reason? No. Youre awful. She’s awful for killing that baby. She laid down with him, he must have been good enough then!!!! The baby didn’t ask to be concieved!!

  3. Damn Shes scandalous for that this bitch couldn’t take care her 1st child so she gonna go have another one ! Wow I feel bad for her mom to see her daughter jus throw her life away while she has to play the mom took for jace . jenell is jus a whore looking for attention getting money off a show to a kid u didn’t raise ! Lol she’s is a worthless excuse of what a mother should be

  4. She better NOT putt that baby up for adoption!! She planmed this baby! N yes she does deserve to have kids! Everyone does! Yes she made dumb choices in the beginning but thats normal for teen moms! She is now 21 n her life is starting too come togeather! She can do it I know she can:)

    • I don’t understand these comments? Wouldn’t you want what is best for the baby? Just because someone plans a baby it does NOT mean they are ready to parent. Everyone deserves to have kids? That is FAR from true, hence why we have child protective services, because having children is not a right its a privledge. People are so self-entitled these days about what they “deserve”. What jenelle did was far from normal… she was incredibly selfish and immature. I do think she is maknig progress, but i think it is going to REALLY mess up jace to know that his mother chose to have another baby and didn’t even try to change herself to get custody of him. Imagine how that will make him feel! She is only worried about herself and wanting a baby because SHe wants it, if she were really “changed” she would have worked on getting the son she already had back before maknig a new baby

      • If she was really changing, she would of realized that she shouldn’t make the same mistake twice. And just because you can carry a child fr 9 months and push it out of you, does not mean you can be a mother.

        Everyone deserves to have a family, correct. But every child deserves to have loving, caring parents in a stable home.

        I hope she does well. I hope she grows up and takes care of her child and hopefully ditches Nathan. I don’t have any faith in her whatsoever.

  5. She has changed a lot and I like Jenelle and I’m a mother to 3 girls. That doesn’t make me a bad mom just cause I like Jenelle. Yes she has had problems in the past, but now she is spending more time with Jace and working on getting him back. I think she will do fine taking care of another baby. Hopefully her and Nathan don’t give baby Kaiser up for adoption. They planed this pregnancy and I think that would hurt there relationship even more.

    • I’m not sure she will do well having a baby. She is doing well with jace now but he is almost 5yr and she can ask him what he wants. The pressure of an infant is so hard even for prepared stable parents who planned for it. I have a 22m (planned, stable, and prepared for) and every day is hard and the first 8 months of his life were torture because my son had colic and reflux. It was hard and we got through it but Jenelle does not seem to do well under pressure. I think she deserves a chance, we all do, but if she can’t handle it and doesn’t have the support of nathan or her mom, it’s going to be rough and I’d rather her give the baby up than half ass raise him or potentially neglect or even get rough with him. A baby needs a good home. Single moms or dads, married, unmarried, gay straight, all can do well and raise a child, it just takes an extraordinary amount of love and patience and selflessness. I am just not just jenelle has what it takes just yet. I’m wishing the best for her. I hope it all works out.

      • That was the most well-worded dis of Jenelle I have ever seen. Instead of calling her every name in the book, You pointed out her personality flaws that you feel may make her an unprepared or bad parent this time around. Congratulations on being one of the classiest people I have ever seen comment on these forums. I agree with you 110% ; I do hold out hope for her, I just don’t know how well this is gonna go for her.

    • But she is she “spending time with jace” and not parenting him! Barbara WANTS to give custody to jenelle (given she is responsible)! Why would you bring another human being into the world when you already have one that is waiting to come home with you! It is going to make jace feel like shit to know his mother chose to have another baby and didn’t try to get custody of him. I think they are going to be in SHOCK once this baby comes along, they have NO perception of reality.

  6. I think Jenelle has changed a lot her and Leah are my favorite Jenelle has realized that she messed up with Jace but she is now a full time mother & a student plus she’s got Kaiser on the way she is one strong woman after all the shit haters talk she is still proving them wrong and doing what she has to do Jenelle I’m cheering you on girl keep it up your doing an AMAZING!! I know how it is being 16 and pregnant I had my oldest daughter at 16 it’s hard but we learn and grow from our mistakes I was young still I didn’t know how to be a good mom I made bad choices but I learned from them and now I’m a terrific mother to five beautiful babies good job Jenelle I’m on your team 🙂 fuck the haters!!!

  7. I hear what people are saying, but I honestly believe jenelle can be a good mum, she gets in with the wrong crowd of people and sometimes boyfriends too. Obviously it everything we see on teen mom isn’t real and some of the storylines are exaggerated. Everyone deserves the chance to become a good mum and no one is perfect. Jenelle will become the mum she wants to be, people just need to believe in her and have faith. She’s made some wrong decisions but haven’t we all? Keep going jenelle. Xx

  8. If you guys are gonna post your opinion atleast be mature about it. Its sad how half of you only post cos your jealous of her and pick out every little thing you can bitch about. You cant change her so either support her or don’t. Dont post on how you think she should have an std or doesnt deserve an other child. Dont get me wrong I dont agree with some of the stuff she does but I dont go and say cruel shit about her, she is human, maybe the newbaby will change her around but Come on ladies its discussting.

    • We are being mature about it … but basically what you are saying is don’t post unless we share your opinion. Well guess what, some of us are realistic and do not say “go jenelle” no matter what she does. No one can change her, she has to change herself. What is disgusting is her behaviour, she can’t expect everyone to love her when she treats her own mother like SHIT, while her mother BENDS OVER BACKWARDS for her child, takes care of him 24/7 and pays for everything! It is unbelievable, she thinks she is so self entitled to everything. She doesn’t deserve another child! having a child is a privledge! She should have figured out her life and gotten custody of the son she already has back! Imagine how this will affect jace when he finds out that his mother planned another baby and didn’t even try to get him back! It is so sad. Whenever someone starts a sentence with “baby a baby will change her or him” it is a BAD sign. Babies make a relationship rockier, not the opposite.

      • Just when I think she’s getting better and I almost like her, she does this… Kaiser is going going to be feeling shitty once he figures out his mother planned him but looked to place him up for adoption, but not for a better home for money!! That’s disgusting. If I knew my parents did that I would be pretty upset. Poor jace doesn’t even see his mother unless she feels like it or isn’t “high high high”… She’s not ready for this did anyone hear her say “when I was 16 I thought everything was goin to be perfect, an then it wasn’t but now it is.” Lol we all know that doesn’t happen, …she only knew the guy 2 months before deciding she wants a kid with him and right after she tells him he asks if she’s sure. Dudes an idiot and asshole. What a winner..

  9. You guys are so horrible. If you don’t like Janelle, why are you wasting your time trying to bring her down? Time will tell if she is read for this child or not, she has been trying to better her life since she was 16 and PREGNANT… She’s growing up, we all learn to grow.. we all made mistakes and we are all not perfect human beings. I feel those of you who are defending her.. know that you made a fair amount of mistakes as Janelle…those of you who are bashing her, clearly think you are to perfect and your shit doesn’t stink….well let me be the first to tell you, your shit does stink! Janelle had the balls to film her whole life as a about brave! She is now turning into an adult.. Let her redeem herself and become the person she deserves to be! I think she will do great.

  10. – You can see she has money: but the sad part is it all goes to the system. Either Janelle’s getting Nathan out or the same goes for him. Plus look at all the lawyers she has went threw which aren’t cheap at all: Its like she goes 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. I can say I thought Nathan was different until I watched the show. She got pregnant for all the wrong reasons. It all looks selfish to me. She got pregnant to make herself look better: Maybe if she didn’t make dumb choices she wouldn’t have to make herself look better. The environment she is going to put that baby in is not in best interest for it or Jace. I think she should of took her boyfriends advice and maybe she should of thought about adoption as an answer. She needs to be a lot stronger. She doesn’t need a man to be there. Mentally she’s not ready for two kids. Everyone is always saying how much she has changed: to me she’s still the same Janelle.

  11. Ummmm the rumors about her putting the baby up for adoption. Were provender a lie or am I the only one that doesn’t listen to just one thing…..

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  14. I’ve always wondered how much the teen moms get paid by MTV. They always seem to be stressing about money during the episodes.

  15. Jenelle NEVER planned to give up Kaiser for adoption! She is a better person then most of you who hate on her are just for the sake of she admitted she had problems the rest of you would NEVER do that! You all think you are so high and mighty and you have no skeletons in your closets well guess again WE ALL DO! Hers just happen to be televised no reason to say she doesn’t deserve a chance here.

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  18. No words at this point honestly it’s like a broken record u get sick of heating about someone’s stupidity she will learn her lesson in the end and be the one to suffer…….. They always do.

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  22. All of you sound stupid. Having a family is a privilege. What do any of you know about the next persons struggles, life, opportunities, truth, lies, good, bad, or what they deserve or not? Who the HELL do you think you are to be anyone’s JUDGE JURY AND EXECUTIONER? Not one of you wannabe “PERFECT” (NOT!!!!) hypocrites can speak on the next persons life until you have lived in that persons shoes completely. Stop judging shit you know NOTHING ABOUT, and get a life. I Feel sorry for all of you. I bet most of you have true mental problems and need help.

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