Jenelle Evans Reveals Details of Her Upcoming Wedding!

Jenelle Evans WeddingJenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are waiting patiently for Jenelle’s divorce to estranged husband Courtland Rogers to be final. At that time they will be free to get engaged and married. Jenelle has hinted at a summer wedding on the beach but first she needs for Nathan to formally propose to her. It’s obvious she will say yes but it looks like Nathan wants to be extra sure before asking.

In a recent exclusive Jenelle told WetPaint, “He’s says, ‘Look, I’m going to propose to you, it’s going to be soon, it might be before Kaiser, it be after Kaiser, but I don’t want you to have any idea on when it’s going to be, and I don’t want to feel like you’re desperate and need to just take the ring or say yes to make me happy. I want you to say yes because I know that you love me.’”

Jenelle goes on to describe her perfect wedding, “We want to do a beach wedding down near Myrtle Beach, and we just want it to be very classy and trendy,” she says. A beach wedding sounds lovely and although she wants to have a “trendy” wedding she also wants it to be unique and something that “no one’s ever seen before.” I’m sure whatever happens will all be captured by MTV cameras whether it’s on the next season of Teen Mom 2 or a special there is no way the network will pass up a chance to film another Teen Mom wedding. It could very well be a “happy ending” moment for the show.

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