Kailyn Lowry’s First Book Signing Will be in Baltimore!


Kailyn Lowry’s new book is now officially available for purchase. (You can find it online or in Barnes & Noble.) Personally I’m waiting for my signed copies to come in the mail… however if I had known Kail would be coming to my home town I probably would have bought the cheaper book and taken it to get signed myself! So now I’m kind of kicking myself but oh well! I might just buy another copy and go have it signed anyway. I will be giving away a signed copy very soon! (Subscribe to this blog’s e-mail updates to be notified when the Giveaway begins!)

“How can I meet Kailyn and have her sign my book?” you ask… well you can find her at the University of Baltimore on May 7th at 6pm. She will be located at 62 West Oliver Street Baltimore, MD 21217 in the University’s book store. Comment below if you are going to check it out and share your experience!

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