Matt McCann Saves His Fiance’s Life!


Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann is like a completely different person these days than what we saw on the show. He’s gotten his life more in order, is spending time with his daughter and seems to be doing very well. He’s even happily engaged! His love was certainly shown this past weekend when Matt dove into freezing waters to save his drowning fiance!

On April 2oth 2014 Matt, Lekota and a friend headed out on a nature walk or “adventure” as they liked to put it, unfortunately it was way more adventurous than they bargained for. The following day the friend used Lekota’s twitter account to explain what happened. “Koda and Matt were in an accident yesterday,” the friend explained. “We were going on an adventure and to get where we were going there was a river and a bridge type deal you could walk across but at the Middle you had to jump, koda almost made it but she slipped and hit the rocks on the other side and was carried off my the current. Matt jumped in to get her and was almost injured himself. Koda was freezing and went into shock and passed out. She’s okay now though… Koda has bruises [and] scrapes. Matt’s okay. Both of their phones are ruined and they’re both in shock.”

There are now rumors being started that Matt has relapsed and the two are broken up but the truth is far from that. The two are still very much together and the accident had nothing to do with drugs. Matt is still on the straight and narrow. I’m just glad that everyone is okay now!

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