3f7ed9bf24731d90591fededf9d2984cFans of ’16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ have cried alongside Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra as they struggled through placing their daughter for adoption and then figuring out their own lives while also dealing with their difficult family. The power couple have stayed strong through it all but have yet to commit to marriage… but hey their relationship might be just fine without it.

Catelynn confirmed to InTouch Magazine that she and Tyler are trying for a baby and that they are more than ready. “I would’ve felt guilty if I got pregnant again when Carly was 1 or 2. But we’ve both been yearning for this, we’ve learned from what our parents did wrong. Tyler and I own our own home, have two cars and actually have money to support a kid. We have no doubt that raising a child will be hard. But I know we’re going to be really great parents.

While I think it’s fantastic and exciting news for them, I really wish we could have watched them get married first. However these two rarely make a big decision without thoroughly thinking it through first, so I trust that they know what they are doing and I’m pretty much dying to see those future baby bump selfies!