Chelsea Houska Speaks Out About Hooking Up With Adam!

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2

On the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Reunion Special fans were shocked to find out that Chelsea was still hooking up with Adam even after he got another girl pregnant. When the cameras were around Chelsea had nothing kind to say about Adam and often talked about how much she didn’t like him or want to be with him. She even said on the show that if she didn’t know him and he approached her she would say “get away from me.” So it was pretty surprising to find out she was hooking up with him around that time. What’s even more sad is that Chelsea knows how it feels to be cheated on constantly by Adam… yet she slept with him during the rocky times of his new relationship. On the Reunion she told Dr. Drew that she didn’t know what to say about that. (“I feel bad, I’m sorry for Taylor” would have been a good start.)

Chelsea tweeted after the reunion aired, in her defense, “I don’t usually comment on things said/done on the show, BUT to the people giving me shit for some stuff that aired on part 2 of the reunion: I’m sure if your sex life was plastered all over national television you wouldn’t look like an angel either.” She then deleted the tweet because like she said, it’s really not like her to talk about personal things on social media.

What do you think of Chelsea’s response?

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