Maci Bookout Warns New Mothers of What to Expect AFTER You Give Birth

blog_kl_4891871_7550127_tr_maci_1_Maci Bookout is one ‘Teen Mom’ who always seemed to have it a little bit more together, especially when it came to raising her son Bentley. No one is perfect of course and Maci, just like everyone else has made some mistakes along the way.

In her new blog post “One Direction… OUT! Labor and beyond” Maci admits that at 16 years old she didn’t take the time to really understand or learn about what pregnancy and delivery really does to your body.  She was actually really naive about the whole thing at the time. “Wait, you mean pregnancy is not just nine months of laying around eating ice cream, enjoying baby kicks, and having your partner massage your feet?” No Maci… it’s not. Luckily she had her mother there to pull her back down to Earth and reveal all of the horrifying realities of being pregnant and giving birth. If I were to sit down and attempt to explain all of the weird things that happen to you before and after pregnancy I would be sitting here all day long… but Mac was able to narrow it down to a few key points. From “adult diapers” to “boob diapers,” read her informative and hilarious blog post HERE.


  1. It is so easy for a female to get pregnant again within the first year of their child life. My oldest daughter was 6 months old when I got pregnant again. I cried and cried and thought to myself “damn I just had a baby!” People are unaware of how easy it can happen. Be careful people

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