Jenelle Evans Andrew Lewis

Here we go again people! More drama in Jenelle’s world only this time it’s with Jace’s estranged father Andrew Lewis! Last we heard on the show Andrew was living in another state, and didn’t even think Jace was his let alone want to visit him. Now according to a new report Andrew is back in town and sneaking into Jace’s daycare to see him.

Andrew is supposedly able to see Jace whenever he wants… IF he pays child support but he’s way behind (and I’m pretty sure he always has been) so he’s most likely not allowed to see him. According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline He has told people that he has gone four times to try and visit Jace at daycare. They snuck him in one time but Andrew’s not on the approved list of visitors so they started turning him away.

Yeah I think it’s time to find a new daycare…