‘Teen Mom 2’ Andrew Lewis Sneaks Into Jace’s Daycare!?

Jenelle Evans Andrew Lewis

Here we go again people! More drama in Jenelle’s world only this time it’s with Jace’s estranged father Andrew Lewis! Last we heard on the show Andrew was living in another state, and didn’t even think Jace was his let alone want to visit him. Now according to a new report Andrew is back in town and sneaking into Jace’s daycare to see him.

Andrew is supposedly able to see Jace whenever he wants… IF he pays child support but he’s way behind (and I’m pretty sure he always has been) so he’s most likely not allowed to see him. According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline He has told people that he has gone four times to try and visit Jace at daycare. They snuck him in one time but Andrew’s not on the approved list of visitors so they started turning him away.

Yeah I think it’s time to find a new daycare…


  1. That daycare is stupid and could get in trouble, you can’t just lat people in ur daycare to see a kid cause they want to. One that’s illegal. If I was her I would be finding a new daycare and reporting that one.

  2. Child support and parenting time are two seperate things. One does not dictate the other one. He has every right to his parenting time no matter if hepays her adime or not…it’s a law.

    • Actually jenelle was paying child support for the longest to Barbara .. And you all really think he should be able to see his son when he just hasn’t been there for 5 years? Y’all are nuts

  3. No that’s stupid on the daycares part and the guy had no rights and if he does they can terminate them because he is 6 months behind and stuff so

  4. Yes he should be able to see his child but if he isn’t on the list then the daycare is breaking the law and should be reported. That is two separate issues.

  5. That’s so wrong of the day care to sneak him in.. Plus he threw his rights away to Jace when he walked out and wanted nothing to do with him.. What because his old enough now he wants to be a part of jace’s life? Agh no way

  6. Andrew has no right to see Jace now he didnt care about him when he was born or up until now he should never see Jace EVER again thats just going to screw Jace up even more!

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