Is Nathan Griffith Headed Back to Jail?


Jenelle Evans boyfriend/new baby daddy recently served a couple of weeks behind bars for charges stemming from his 3rd DUI offense, which he was arrested for last Fall. Jenelle Evans is now claiming that the entire case has been resolved and that Nathan will not be serving any more time… however the public judicial records are telling a different story.

Uhm… Idk why everyone thinks Nathan still has a pending DUI… Why do u think he served time?! Went in for DUS and DUI was disposed.” Jenelle tweeted on April 27th. The statement raised a lot of debate and a fan quickly shared a screen shot of Nathan’s pending DUI charge. The time that he served in early April was for: Resisting Arrest, Driving Under a Suspended License, Threatening a Police Officer, Giving a false name and address, and driving on the wrong side of the road. Nathan has not served any time for the DUI it’self and it’s been reported that Nathan is due back in court on May 5th for just that. From the looks of things on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan feels that he was treated wrongfully by the arresting officers… so perhaps he’s fighting the charge?

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