Jo Rivera Teen Mom 2

It was surprising to hear Isaac calling Javi “daddy” on the season finale of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ It was awesome to see the bond that those two have for each other. However Kailyn even admits that if she found out Isaac was calling Vee “mommy” she would not be okay with it.

So is Jo bothered by the fact that Isaac calls another man “dad?” A fan asked him this very question on twitter and he said “Not at all. He slips up sometimes. Calls my mom Vee, calls Vee mom, calls me javi. But he knows who is who and corrects it. He knows I’m dad but has called me javi by accident. He doesn’t do it intentionally.

I’m so glad to hear that Jo isn’t worked up about it at all. It’s also interesting to hear that Isaac calls Vee mom sometimes. Thankfully Kailyn seems to be giving Vee a chance lately so hopefully she’s not too bothered by that. Isaac’s got a lot of parents to keep track of so it’s understandable that he mixes them up sometimes.