Kieffer Delp Reveals New Details About His Recent Contact with Jenelle Evans


In a new (and freaking hilarious) interview with Jenelle Evans ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp it’s revealed that he was not behind the most recent Jenelle scandal.

Less than 12 hours after Jenelle’s baby daddy Nathan Griffith started serving his time in jail, Jenelle was allegedly messaging Kieffer about her failing relationship, Kieffer told The Real Teen Mom Talk on their Blog Talk Radio Show.

After Jenelle was allegedly turned down by Kieffer who currently has a girlfriend she started going off on him using racial slurs, to in his words “hurt his feelings.” That’s when Kieffer’s girlfriend got the idea to sell screen shots of the messages. (According to them Kieffer wasn’t interested in doing it but agreed to help.) They said they were offered $100 by Radar Online for the screen shots but they did not accept, they were later called and told that they were not going to use the story. Very shorty after that Radar published an article about the scandalous messages. Jenelle has made it clear on twitter that Nathan was aware of the messages before they were made public. So who leaked them? Jenelle’s good “friend” who also works on Jenelle’s Teen Mom website tweeted the Radar article after it was published. Why would she do that if the article made Jenelle look bad? Just a thought!

I strongly suggest you all listen to this interview because it’s rather interesting! Click HERE to listen in, the interview with Kieffer starts about 30 minutes in. He reveals a lot of other interesting things about his relationship with Jenelle over the years.

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