Tyler Baltierra Teen Mom

‘Teen Mom’ couple Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra recently announced that they are ready and trying to have another baby, five years after placing their daughter Carly for adoption. While Catelynn and Tyler were the only couple from the show who stayed together after having a baby… Tyler still isn’t willing to commit to marriage.

I’m not saying that you can’t have a baby unless you are married… but it seems to be important to Catelynn that they get married. (Judging from what we saw on ‘Couples Therapy,’ and the MTV special ‘Being Catelynn.’) So why would Tyler want to have a baby but still not get married? Clearly it means a lot to Catelynn but she’s just happy to have Tyler in her life so it’s not surprising that she’s willing skip the whole getting married thing. In his own defense he posted to Twitter:  “I really would like to know how marriage makes good kids? Last I checked, that was the parents job #YouPeopleAreWhack #WhoCares? AND btw if you didn’t already know. Me & Cate already had a baby & were still not married! NOW You guys decide to comment on it #ALil2Late

Catelynn has also taken to Twitter with her excitement about trying to have a baby, “I am an adult and I can tell when I’m ready and [I don’t care] what ANYONE says I’m gonna do me! We ARE READY for a baby

What do you think? For some marriage isn’t important but for others it really is… and it seems like Catelynn is one of those people. Do you think Catelynn and Tyler will be together forever, regardless of marriage?