Amber Portwood Appearing on the Maury Show! Details!

Amber Portwood Maury

Finally we get to see Amber Portwood on our TV screens again! This time it will be on the Maury show! Amber will be appearing on the show to counsel and hopefully talk sense into some wild teenage girls. She’ll show them what their lives will be like in prison if they don’t straighten up! Since being released from prison herself Amber has been on a mission to help young girls who are headed down the wrong path.

On this special episode of Maury, four teenage girls determined to destroy their lives. See how their behavior, dangerous sexual lifestyles, alcohol and drug use is tearing their families apart! Maury gives these teens a hardcore reality check and helps these families confront their wild and out of control teenage daughters!” -The Maury Show

Amber Portwood

Side note: I can’t even tell you how much I love these episodes on daytime Talk Shows, it’s so much better than the whole “who’s my baby daddy” thing.

In another clip from the show Amber comments on the bad behavior of the infamous Justin Beiber: “It’s about publicity and it’s about money. That’s all it is. He wants attention. The thing about…I remember being a teenager. I wanted attention, I wasn’t getting it, so I did crazy stuff. Exactly what you guys are doing.” Watch Amber on the Maury show on May 1st. Check your local listings for times. Follow Amber Portwood on Facebook and on Twitter!

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