Amber Portwood Opens Up About Prison Life:

Amber Portwood Maury

Amber Portwood Appeared on the Maury show last week to help some unruly teenage girls who were headed down a familiar road. Amber’s job was to inform the girls of what could happen if they continued their dangerous lifestyle.

Listen to me and listen good,” Amber warned the girls.  “You all drink and use drugs? I did that too. You all want to have sex and get pregnant? I did that and had a baby. You all want to fight and cause drama? Yep, I did that too. You know where it landed me? In jail for 17 months. I had to clean toilets and eat disgusting prison food. You think you can handle all that? I don’t.

Anyone who watches these talk shows knows that these crazy teens never accept advice right away, they usually back talk and resist, but Amber had a quick response to that, again referencing her experience in prison. “When you’re getting jumped in the bathroom by three girls, you learn to shut your mouth.

One of the girls had to mop the floor of a shelter but seemed confused as to what that had to do with prison… Amber explained that mopping floors was her prison job, eight hours a day. Another girl had to clean toilets and got really out of control but Amber talked her down and she eventually agreed to do the work.

From what I’ve seen in her short time of talking with these young ladies it’s even more clear to me now that this is Amber’s calling. She is meant to work with teens who need guidance and I am confident that she will help a lot of people in her future.

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