Jenelle Evans Struggles With Her Health During Pregnancy:


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is almost ready to give birth, which is good because this pregnancy hasn’t been easy for her. Unlike her pregnancy with Jace, Jenelle has been dealing with a ton of unpleasant health concerns this time around. The first hurdle she had to get over was quitting smoking. There has been a lot of speculation that Jenelle continued smoking cigarettes and weed after finding out she was pregnant but Jenelle tells WetPaint.comIt’s really easy for me to quit cigarette smoking, It really hasn’t been that big of a problem for me.” I’m not sure how true that is considering we saw her struggling a bit to quit after finding out she was pregnant on the show.

Morning sickness, dehydration and diet have also been hard for Jenelle to deal with. “It’s hard to take my prenatal vitamins if I don’t have anything in my stomach because it just makes me throw up. I can’t really have any soda because I get dehydrated,  and they think I might be anemic. So it’s just complicated.” Jenelle also explained that she started her pregnancy off on the wrong foot by eating too much fast food which gave her terrible acid reflux.

Then Jenelle was hit with a case of Placenta Previa which means “the baby is basically on the placenta, and if the placenta comes out before the baby, the baby can’t breathe.” Thankfully the placenta has moved since then and it shouldn’t be a problem now. It’s a good thing too because baby Kaiser is due next month!

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