MTV No Longer Willing to Work with Farrah Abraham!


‘Teen Mom’ stars Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood are all reportedly returning to MTV, however their former co-star Farrah Abraham will not be joining them. According to a new report MTV has willingly cut ties with Farrah because “They feel she set a bad example and doesn’t represent the network well.

It’s rumored that this is also due to the other ladies not wanting to work with Farrah anymore. However Amber Portwood has stated that she has no ill feelings towards Farrah Abraham and that claim in not true.

It’s still unclear as to how exactly the original Teen Moms are coming back to the network. Whether it’s in a fifth season of “Teen Mom” or a new special, I don’t care, I just want to see how much those kids have grown! What do you think? Is it fair to leave Farrah and Sophia out? Will you watch?


  1. I will still watch, and I’m glad she’s gone. Sure she’s a good mother, and she works, well, kind of hard for her keep, but honestly, she needs a HUGE attitude adjustment, and she needs to keep her damn cloths on. I don’t like how she treats people, and treats Sophia. What kind of example is she setting for Sophia with the way she treats people? On her special, she broke down to one of the producers, telling her how hard it is. Maybe if she were nicer, to not only other people, but to her PARENTS, it wouldn’t be so hard. Even the guys that she’s dated said she has a huge attitude, and she talks to everyone like she’s above them. KNOCK IT OFF AND DROP YOUR TONE. Then, maybe, you wouldn’t be so alone, and have such a hard time with the tantrums your child throws when she doesn’t get her way. That’s not healthy.

  2. Farrah needs help. Im glad the mtv directors/producers finally realized what a bad example she set for other teen moms out there. She needs major counseling help.

    • And The others don’t… Look up their records for drug usage etc. From Macy Catlynn and a lot if them… At least Farrah is not drugging any more like 80% of those other ones…

  3. Good call MTV! This girl has needed an attitude adjustment since day one!! The disrespect she shows her parents is deplorable.

    • That’s old news she is respectful and has matured .. Stop judging her from her past

      • For such a big fan, it’s obvious you didn’t see “Being Farrah”. Aging and maturing are not one in the same; and her disrespect for her parents has not changed.

  4. Now only if MTV would drop Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2. That would be great!!

    • love jennelle she has grown a lot in the years but Farrah should have never been on the show anyone that will make a porn knowing there kids will see it when thay are bigger is a nasty bitch I feel so bad for Sophia.

    • I completely agree about Jenelle…Someone who repeatedly does the same mistakes over and over again should not be glorified on a tv show…

  5. its not fair she should be on there she started wit them an she should end wit them an plus everyone will want to see how sophia is doing!!! its just not all bout her its bout sophia too!! just saying!!

  6. I can’t stand Farrah she’s just gotten more fake than what she already was. What young mother would do what she’s doing, not only to herself but to her daughter and family. She always blames her parents for things that go wrong in her life. She has no RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me I won’t miss not seeing her. Farrah is just NASTY!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for her daughter.

    • A young person that made mistakes like most people… A single mother that her child died in a car accident and has to provide a living for her daughter… And if you think any if the Teen Mom can get a standard job your a fool

  7. Farrah is a whore!!! Just a big fame seeker!! That’s all she is!! First
    It’s porn, then it’s she was beat from
    Her mom and dad and then she claims she was
    Raped!!! Now another porn??? SLUT AND FAME
    SEEKER!! That’s all she is!! Nasty nasty nasty!!
    Not a good influence for young teens at all!! I think
    It’s awesome that she’s not returning to Teen Mom’s MTV show!!

  8. It’s BS …. Farrah had the highest viewer count fit the catch up shows. The shows if they air will fa on there face without her. Yes she had people that don’t like her and judge mental but she had more fans than the others…. And she is doing things as her businesses, books, etc. The others that are like the people that hate Farrah… Boring and just not motivated unlike Farrah she works hard, over comes major life challenges …. All by herself… She has no man in her life… She will do well on her own

    • Regardless of what ur saying..the show was suppose to be about the hardships of having a baby while being a teen and to hopefully prevent other girls from getting pregnant. Knowing that she has alot of girls looking up to her she went out and put a bad name behind her with the sex tape that supposed to be leaked but not really and the whole controversial behind it, doing strip club promos and the lying about a boyfriend to get on couples therapy and then to release another sex tape….its too much. And unfortunately she’s gonna have to deal with the mistakes she made. It seems like she doesnt care as long as she’s getting money and fame. But it was a better route to take to provide for her daughter , and that was to get her own restaurant. That would have been an acommplishment, not a porn star.

    • @the one, are you fck’n BLIND or something?! and what tf is up with you commenting on every single persons post? your probably just like Farrah if you think everything that she did is ok..what type of role model is she?! Do you see any of the other Teen Moms going anywhere CLOSE to the extent that she has to get media attention? NO, I DON’T THINK SO. you say she’s such a good mother, but yet all she’s worried about is getting on TV, &getting attention!!!! and she went to the dam extent to make a PORNO so she could make money, rather than trying to make money the NORMAL way!!!! She is the fakest bit** I’ve EVER seen in my LIFE! &I’m GLAD MTV cut her the f*** off, because she doesn’t deserve to be on Teen Mom! She is in no way, shape, or FORM a good role model! The ONLY message she’s giving to Teen Girls is that having sex is OK and that is what the show “Teen Mom” is trying to PREVENT!

  9. I think its great that mtv has called her off the show…sure shes a teen mom…but really i was a young mom when i had my daughter and i worked my ass off in a coffee shop. I didnt resort to porn or romance novels or making my own sex toy line.I went out and did honest work. My daughter has the needs to go to school. My daughter has clothes on her back and food in my cuboards and fridge…and never once dis i use my body to get that for her. Shes just a horriable mom…what mither if any age should make her daughter have her eyebrows plucked or encourage plastic surgry to help with the bullying…shes in the same catagory as justin bieber and mily cyrus. Fame has gotton to her head and she could care less about how all her actions can affect her child. Good call mtv i think you made the right choice in booting her off the show…

  10. I’m pretty sure “The One” is either Farrah, or her publicist. Lol. U are the weakest link Farrah. Instead of doing something positive like Catelynn and Tyler by promoting adoption and setting a good example, she has released a sex tape!! Ugh. Farrah, u are not Kim Kardashian–showing ur goodies to the world doesn’t make u famous, it makes u trashy..

    • cat it is fucking possible for Farrah to have fans who like her and have hope for her I wish everyone would find a life and stop being so fucking rude and disrespect to ANY OF THE TEEN MOMS I DONT GIVE A SHIT WHAT THIER FUCKING PAST AGIN THIER FUCKING PAST THEY DONT NEED ALL OF YOU BULL SHIT AND HATE

  11. I’m pretty sure “The One” is Farrah, or her publicist. Lol. U are the weakest link Farrah. Instead of doing something positive like Catelynn and Tyler by promoting adoption and setting a good example, she has released a sex tape!! Ugh. Farrah, u are not Kim Kardashian–showing ur goodies to the world doesn’t make u famous, it makes u trashy..stop worrying about ur fifteen mins of fame, and worry about ur daughter.

    • Absolutely! Haha who has the time to reply to every negative comment? Anyway. I wouldn’t really care if she WAS on the new special or whatever it is, but I really won’t miss her either. She was so annoying on Being Farrah. She kept repeating how “outlandish” it was that people called her a pornstar.. Well she did STAR in a PORN. I know none of the moms are perfect but really she’s my least favorite out of all 3 Teen Mom shows.

    • That’s what I was thinking! I used to FF thru Farrah’s part of the show. If I talked to my parents that way, my mom would have bitch slapped me! So glad she’s not coming back!

  12. Okay so she not coming back is it wrong yes. She should be back because she is a teen mom. Yes there have been things she has done wrong but so did amber, jennel, leah and many others so they shouldn’t be on the shows either? Look you may not like her that a personal preference facts are other do but while you guys are over here bashing shes providing for her daughter none the less just cause you don’t like it is your problem not farahs. Everything she did is perfectly legal sorry.Plus if a girl does exactly what farah did that is bad parenting on there part for not teaching her properly.

  13. Good. Leave her out. She is NOT a good mother and NOT a good person period. She’s always leaving Sophia with SOMEONE and I wouldn’t be surprised if Farrah even lied about who her dad was. So Farrah good bye. I’d love to see Catelynn, Maci and Amber again though!

  14. Good. Shes annoyed me from the start . Yes the father of her child passed away in a tragic accident and thats sad for both her and her daughter and maybe she did have a tough childhood and yes being a single mom at any age is hard but Shes setting a horrible example as a mother and a role model to young girls from her attitude and lieing to her sex tapes shes disrecepting herself and her body and teaching all these young girls to do the same instead of showing them how to be a young confident successful mother and if she really thinks that her actions wont effect sophia when shes older shes sadly mistaken i hope for both farrah and sophis sake that farrah will start holding herself accountable for all of the shamefull things she has done instead of pointing the finger at everyone else and will get whatever help she needs so she can be a better parent and person. I think mtv has made a very wise choice.

  15. Point blank Farrah has made bad choices as she’s grown into adulthood! Instead of making good choices as she aged, she keeps going backwards instead of forwards! She’s not a good example of a mother for her child much less other teen moms or other teen girls! She should not talk or treat her parents the way she does! They should do tough love with that one! Does she really think Derek is proud of the way she’s raising their daughter?! She will never have a boyfriend much less a husband who will respect her! She doesn’t even respect herself! Lastly Derek’s parents or her own parents should go for custody!!!

  16. I think what MTV is doing to farrah is completely fair!! I’m glad they won’t work with her. She’s a bad example, and media and social hungry!!!! SHES UGLY AMD PLASTIC AND RUDE AND TREATS EVERYONE LIKE POOP !!!!!! I WILL STILL DEF WATCH OF COURSE!!

  17. Maybe they should just bring Debra , Sophia and Michael to the show and forget about Farrah . A lot of people would like to see them I think ? Lol

  18. I say good riddance to Farrah shame on bringing farrah back she is a wanna be port star she needs to get a real job she is no role model to girls thank god now we can get Benny(bentley) back miss our benny

  19. So you’re telling me, they should have Farrah on the show? Showing teenage women that it’s okay to have sex on camera, to sleep with 100+ men for money and it’s okay to leave your child at home or with the sitter while she’s out being a slut? WRONG. I don’t care what any of you say, Farrah is a horrible influence. Teen mom is a show to provide real life scenarios on how hard it is being a young mother, not to teach these ladies how to have sex and become a mom. Get real. Farrah deserves to be kicked out of the show.

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