Catelynn LowellCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra recently revealed that they were trying to have another baby and well it didn’t take long for their dream to come true!

Catelynn’s mother April posted to Facebook on Saturday May 10th “Gonna be a grandma again,” many of her friends and family replied to the status with congratulatory comments. April confirmed that Catelynn is currently 4 weeks along in her pregnancy and that everyone is very excited!

Tyler also confirmed it by commenting on the status himself! So this is the real deal people!Β Catelynn and Tyler are becoming parents again. (Which we might just get to see on our TV screens if the original girls come back!)Β Catelynn stated on twitter recently that she feels they have waited long enough and are established enough to raise a child together. She insists they are ready. What do you think?