VIDEO! Kailyn Lowry Talks About Her New Relationship with Jo’s Girlfriend Vee! Plus: Behind the Scenes Reunion Drama!


‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry is currently ecstatic about her memoir “Pride Over Pity” becoming a New York Times Best Seller! She sat down for a video chat interview to talk about the book and answer some fan questions. She reveals that she was surprised how many people have been supportive of her book and actually inspired by it. So she was shocked when over 200 people showed up in Baltimore for her first book signing.

Kailyn was asked about the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion show, because as you know there was a lot of tension between Jo and Javi. She says that she “doesn’t remember” what happened after the cameras stopped rolling but she, Javi, Jo and Vee have all gone to dinner together since then. “We are all trying to co-parent. Jo and I are trying to include Vee and Javi more in decisions we make with Isaac because they are a huge part of Isaac’s life too so we’re pretty good right now, Kailyn said. She also says that she is now completely fine with Vee and Jo living together. She has been to their apartment and seems a lot more comfortable with the idea now. “I’m team Jo and Vee, it works out. I’m happy I was able to overcome whatever I was going through at that time. I’m definitely okay with Vee and I’m fine with them living together.

She also shares a few fun facts about behind the scenes at the reunion shows. “We all have our own rooms so if anything gets heated or anything we can kind of have our own space which is nice but I think most of us just hang out in each other’s rooms so it’s one big family.” As we have seen in photos the kids have their very own play room equip with snacks, movies, toys, comfy couches and chairs and anything else a kid needs to stay occupied. “All the kids play together. This past reunion Isaac and Aubree were obsessed with ‘Frozen’ and watching it on the iPad, so that was really really cute.

To find out even more about the reunion, Kailyn’s book and details of her relationship with Javi, watch the full interview below!


  1. woops, mistake in the article!

    “Kailyn said. As if that wasn’t amazing enough Kailyn says that she is now completely fine with Vee and Javi living together.` Should have been Jo 😉

  2. Glad Kail got over her jealousy of Jo dating someone other than her. It only benefits Isaac in the end! Glad to see them trying to co parent nicely!

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