Jenelle Evans Explains Why Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Have a Job


Jenelle Evans is known for having boyfriends that use her for her money. According to Barbara, Jenelle’s mother who mentioned this in a reunion show, Jenelle is a very giving person. Add that to her desperate need to be in a relationship and you’ve got a very easy person to use.

Nathan Griffith, Jenelle’s current boyfriend and father of her unborn son Kaiser has said on the show that Jenelle’s money is “his money.” Yes he actually said that while Babs was hounding him to get a job. A lot of people have been giving Jenelle a lot of grief for supporting this grown and capable man… so she took to twitter to defend him. “My man might not have a job but he damn well served this country for 4 years and had deployments. U did what again?! Lol

So basically what she is saying is that his service in the military gives him a free pass to live off of her MTV money forever? They are about to have a child… you would think that he would man up and at least try to take care of his family financially. Jenelle is at least going to school to hopefully form a career for herself in the future, but does she really want to end up supporting Nathan, her two children and quite possibly Nathan’s daughter?

Do you think it’s right for Nathan to not work? Especially considering they are about to have a child together and are trying to gain custody of Jace as well?


  1. Wow seriously?!?! My husband is an Iraq vet who was 100% disabled and he WISHES he could work for a living. He hates sitin at home & feels quilts at times for that. Nathan is more than capable of working & using the excuse he was in the military & had deployments is BS!!!! A lot of people have been deployed numerous times and STILL has a successful career, or at least isn’t as lazy as this ass munch!

  2. What alot of people forget is that he does model from time to time and so where he may not have a steady job, he does have a career in mind that he loves to do & collects money from being in teh military. I also think its completely double standard thinking to say that he needs a job even though shes supporting them both. Why cant he be a stay at home Dad? She is able to afford the life they lead so…homemaker is a stretch because hes a man? Get outta here with that crap!

    • My problem is that she said that he was in school, playing football, a model, and somewhere along the line he had a desk job. My major problem is that if he’s playing football at the college level.. then he couldn’t have a job… modeling or not. The story changes a lot about what he does or doesn’t do for work. I’m not denying he was in the military.. I know men that served their time in the military then went to college.

  3. It’s her money and if she wants to enable this dude like that oh well. It’s not my money being used up so oh well. She is young and has a lot to learn. She will be saying “Should’ve thought twice before I rolled those dice.”

  4. If he stays home and raises the baby while she works I don’t think that’s a problem. I think people are a little stuck in gender rolls. Men keep women financially all the time I don’t quite understand why it can’t be the other way around?

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