Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Update! Kaiser’s Nursery and MTV!


I think there is time for one more pregnancy update before Jenelle gives birth to baby Kaiser next month. Thanks to the fact that Jenelle puts pretty much her entire life on twitter we now know some new interesting facts about the bun in her oven.

First of all, Jenelle has yet to have her baby shower and she’s due by the end of June. Time to get on that woman! She has made it very clear through twitter that she is waiting until her baby shower is done to get what’s left on the list for the baby… but she HAS been buying him things. So in her words… “STFU.” (Such a lady, mama!)

Jenelle also recently revealed that the nursery for Kaiser will be “royal themed.” Which would be fitting considering Jenelle claims to have named him Kaiser because it means “emperor.

So the last bit of information that fans were curious about was whether or not MTV will be filming Kaiser’s birth. When a fan asked Jenelle this she responded, “stay tuned,” with a little smiley face. So… yes. MTV will be filming this and really do we even need Jenelle to confirm that? They filmed Kailyn’s labor so why wouldn’t they film Jenelle’s? (It’s not like she keeps much of her life private.) The show will return in the Fall, so look forward to watching the entirety of Nelz pregnancy on ‘Teen Mom 2.’


  1. They skipped Leah’s devilry of her third daughter. I assumed it was because it took so long for Mtv to decide if they were even going to bring the show back at all

    • Yes, they weren’t filming during the time that Leah was pregnant and had her third. They are filming Jenelle though so we will definitely be seeing it!

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