Jenelle Evans Vs. Danielle Cunningham … Again

Jenelle Evans Danielle Cunningham

Anyone who bothers to keep up with Jenelle drama probably will remember that she and fellow ’16 & Pregnant’ cast-mate Danielle Cunningham don’t care for one another. They have had their share of internet fights in the past. Lately Jenelle has taken to “reporting” news on the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars to earn her living with a new gossip blog.

Danielle recently showed off her love of smoking in a new photo she posted to instagram of herself smoking a joint. Danielle has two children and she explained on twitter that they were not in the home with her while she was smoking. Jenelle’s website quickly wrote up a little post about it once the photo had been circulating the internet and Danielle was not pleased about it. Danielle fired at Jenelle: “I haven’t been on tv in THREE YEARS. and everywhere i go i see ‘Danielle Cunningham does drugs and takes a picture’. Oh my gawd. It was marijuana, honestly who gives a mother fuck. I will post what the hell i want on my personal instagram. And Jenelle Evans can suck my ass as well. Dont know why she is talking about it at all.. BITCH YOU SHOT UP HEROIN ON TV. you dont even have custody of your old ass first kid..yett having baby #2? If i ever seen her in public id be in the spotlight again for beatin dat assssss.

While I don’t agree with Danielle doing any kind of drugs, you have to admit it’s pretty funny that Jenelle would even touch that story. Not only is Jenelle known for her inability to quit smoking weed (even to regain custody of her own child…) but she has done a whole lot worse. She may not have done heroin in front of Jace but that poor kid has seen his mother hysterical more times that I can count and witnessed her being arrested while pregnant. Why on Earth would she ever talk about other people and their life choices? And what’s with all the re-tweets making fun of her appearance?


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