Leah Calvert Beauty SchoolOver the course of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah has had a particularly hard time deciding what career path she wanted to take. She started out going to nursing school but dropped out after failing classes. She decided to take a break and focus on her daughter Ali’s health. She then went on to have another baby.

Not long after that Leah started working in a tanning salon part time and after quitting that job she went to a salon expo in hopes of getting information about running her own tanning salon. She didn’t say much about it after that though.

Leah recently became a consultant for the makeup company Mary Kay and announced that she will be going to cosmetology school. On May 14th Leah spoke out about her struggles in choosing a career path via Facebook, “I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Beauty School (Cosmetology) I just wasn’t sure nurse,beauty,nurse, or beauty school? And I am proud to say I’m doing what I wanted to do. Thank You ALL for your loyalty,love,support, & believing in me.

This seems like a good fit for Leah and hopefully she is able to make it work and do well in this industry. Good luck Leah!