Maci Bookout and Boyfriend Taylor Take a Big Step!

Maci Bookout and TaylorMaci Bookout has been in a long distance relationship with a scruffy guy named Taylor for quite some time now. She has said in the past that the long distance thing works for her because between work, school and Bentley she didn’t really have much time for a boyfriend anyway. Well Maci is (finally) almost done with college so perhaps she will have more free time on her hands to spend with Taylor and that might be why he’s moving to Tennessee!

Just dropped T off at the airport… cant believe that the next time i see him he will officially be a Tennessee resident. #makinmoves” Maci tweeted on May 26th along with a little emoticon (Is that what they are called?) of an airplane and one of a little family of 3.

Taylor and Bentley

Mac hasn’t specified if Taylor will be living with her and Bentley but it would certainly make sense if they were. They have been together for at least a year now and seem to be very strong in their relationship. Taylor has met Bentley and spent some good quality time getting to know him. They all have been lucky to be able to afford flying back and forth to see each other. What do you think of Taylor’s big move?

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